Monday, September 29, 2014

Bibi Talk

For many years, I hoped the world would listen to Benjamin Netanyahu. For all that I don't agree with him on many issues, he remains one of our greatest statesmen. In a crunch, when we need him to make the most of a speech, he hits a home run, out of the stadium and around the world.

He did it again tonight. But, for the first time, I heard something different in his voice. I don't really know if it was his voice or my ears. Perhaps I'm listening differently this time. Sometimes his tone sounded like he was I am, saying this yet again...been there, done that - they didn't listen last time, they won't listen this time.

I felt, more than ever before, he was not only speaking for Israel, he was speaking to Israel. This is what you wanted me to say - and I'm going to say it.

A few key points - the full video is below and well worth watching:
  • I come here to expose the lies that are told against my country from this podium
  • The people of Israel are not occupiers in the land of Israel  
  • Israel used missiles to protect its children. Hamas used children to protect its missiles 
  • Hamas cynically used Palestinian civilians as human shields. Israel did everything to minimize Palestinian casualties   
  • Hamas used UN schools, private homes, mosques to store and fire rockets at Israel 
  • Iran's President Rouhani stood here last week shedding crocodile tears   
  • Don't be fooled by Iran's manipulative charm offensive 
  • To defeat ISIS and leave Iran as threshold nuclear power is to win battle and lose war   
  • ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree 
  • Hamas shares the global ambitions of its fellow militant Islamists   
  • Ultimate goal of Isalmist militants is to dominate the world 
  • The people of Israel are praying for peace, but our hopes for peace are in danger   
  • What would your countries do if thousands of rockets were fired at your cities? You wouldn't let terrorists fire rockets at your cities with impunity.
  • No other country and no other army in history has gone to greater lengths to avoid casualties among the civilian population of their enemy. Our soldiers uphold the highest moral values of any army in the world - they should be admired not condemned.
  • Some may still not take Israel's security concerns seriously. Make no mistake. But I do and I always will 

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Brat said...

He really IS a great champion of Israel...and some of us out here are still hearing him...

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