Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blessings - Day 1

To start, I'll begin with my family because that is one of the most prominent blessings that we should all have, all be blessed with. It's hard to decide how to list your blessings - in what order and whatever. I have decided that I'll save what is probably my most important blessing for last - that will be number 100...

But I'll also begin with blessings that are also among my most important and because children, no matter how old they are, need to feel that they are loved equally and because, no matter how much they know you love them, things have to be done a certain way - so, for my first five blessings, I'll go in age order. By definition, as Amira often quotes to me, a husband and wife (or a wife and husband) are treated as one and so for the first three days, I will list my children, knowing that when these first three married, they again blessed my life by adding their partner. And, for Amira and Elie, so far, I was blessed again when each gave me a grandchild.

So, I begin - 100 days in which I thank God for the blessings He has given to me, to my country, to my family.

Day 1 - Today, I recognize the blessing of my oldest daughter, Amira. She is beauty defined - inside and out. She is an incredible mother, sister, daughter and wife. She is a friend, an accomplice, a teacher and an adviser. So, today's blessing is my daughter, Amira.

Amira began teaching me what it is to be a mother - and her siblings have continued, to this day. I don't always succeed; I fail too often. I make mistakes and, oh yes, they call me on them. But I hope, I pray, that in the future, at age 120, God willing, when I face the Eternal Judge, of all the failures He will mention, I pray being a bad mother isn't one of them.

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