Monday, September 15, 2014

Blessings - Day 10

If I find the sun to be a blessing, I find even more comfort in the moon. Years ago, I heard a line in a Harry Chapin song, "he was the sun, shining bright and bitter and, she was the moon, shining back his light a little."

I have, since that song, forever loved the moon and seen so many instances of the glory and modesty of the moon. Often, if there is a great leader, behind him or her, there is someone who is their moon.

The moon guides my land each month and the land is forever tied to it. Our holidays are determined by the moon - and soon, in less than two weeks, Rosh Hashana - the new year, and the first new moon of the coming year, will be celebrated. It is a wonderful holiday full of promise, full of sharing, full of love. Amira was born on Rosh Hashana - the first of our children, new beginnings.

This year, God willing, Rosh Hashana will come in peace. A few weeks and a war ago, a plot was uncovered. On Rosh Hashana, as we gathered to pray for the year to come to be a sweet one, one filled with health and peace and prosperity - hundreds of Palestinians would come through attack tunnels and murder as many Jews as they could while in the north, Hezbollah would open fire against northern Israel with a massive barrage of rockets.

It is doubtful that the Palestinians would have accomplished what they wanted - yes, they were delusional enough to believe that the focus of Israel would be turned enough to allow our destruction. They desecrated Yom Kippur in 1973 by attacking; they desecrated Passover in 2002 when terrorists attacked the Park Hotel in Netanya, murdering 29 and injuring over 140 innocent people...and again just last  year when they murdered a father of 5 as he and his family drove to the Passover Seder. They desecrated Purim when they launched a terror attack in 1996 on the eve of the holiday that resulted in the deaths of 14 Israelis and the wounding of 130 others.

And then, when the war they caused continued because they broke the ceasefire, Israel refused to "honor" one of their holidays and they demanded the world condemn us. Hypocrites that they are...and fools they believe us to be.

So this year, we have more to celebrate than ever because as the new moon arrives in just 10 days...we will know that it is yet another blessing that God has given to will mark not just a new beginning, but truly celebrate that which we hold dear - life.

May we all be inscribed in the book of life...this special Rosh Hashana and may we remember the gift God gave opening our eyes to the attack tunnels the Palestinians would have used, and the plot they would have unleashed against us! Blessing 10 of 100...the moon.

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