Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blessings - Day 5

Day 5 - Today, I recognize my fifth child as the blessing of my fifth day of 100. She was the second of my children born in Israel. The first girl after three boys. She is grace and beauty, kind like her sister, smart like her brothers. She is a bit spoiled but not much; she is smart like her sister too (yeah, I caught that I said it twice). She is sensitive in a way that only the youngest in a family can be. She is the baby of the family and now
adores the newest babies, the children of her siblings. She became an aunt at the age of 11 years old.

She takes care of me (which is a statement of a change in life when the child realizes that the mother needs help). My other children help me too - but they came to the realization that they have become stronger, grown taller, whatever, so much later in their lives than Aliza. She is now taller than me. When I had the operation on my shoulder last summer, when I was in the car accident a few months ago, when I'm tired and when I'm sad. She is a blessing to me, as are each of her siblings and no matter what is happening in our world here in Israel, I know my world is forever blessed because of these five gifts that God and my husband have put in our lives. These were the easiest blessings to name - starting tomorrow, it begins to get harder. Oh, I have no doubt that I'll reach 100 and could even go beyond, but for now, I'll celebrate the first five.

Day 4 - Today, I recognize my fourth child as the blessing of my fourth day of 100. He was the first born in Israel, the fulfillment of my dream not only to bring children to Israel, but to birth them here as well. He is tall and strong and so very beautiful, though he'd be upset if I told him I'd written that. He is still becoming all that he will be some day. He is dedicated to helping others; he is beyond amazing with infants and babies and children. He is not yet my friend, but he's getting there; not yet my teacher or adviser, but definitely an accomplice at times. Today's blessing is my son, Davidi.

Day 3 - Today, I recognize my middle child - center in all directions. He is blessed with an older sister, and a younger one. He is blessed with an older brother, and a younger one. The perfect middle child. Like Amira and Elie, he has married, and married well. He is compassionate and giving. He is gentle and loving. From the time he was little, he loved animals and gave his heart to them. He is a friend and a teacher, an adviser and yet, sometimes an accomplice. Today's blessing is my son, Shmulik.

Day 2 - Today, I recognize the blessing of my oldest son, Elie. He is the strong one, the leader, the commander. He figures things out and gets things done. Like Amira, he has married, and married well. He was the first to enter the army, and he shares what he learned with so many others. He organizes help for me, cuts the chicken better than anyone else. He is a friend and a teacher and an adviser, if not an accomplice. Today's blessing is my son, Elie.

Day 1 - Today, I recognize the blessing of my oldest daughter, Amira. She is beauty defined - inside and out. She is an incredible mother, sister, daughter and wife. She is a friend, an accomplice, a teacher and an adviser. So, today's blessing is my daughter, Amira.

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