Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blessings - Day 6

Today, I focus on Day 6 of 100 days of blessings. To reach the age of 53 and still have both your parents is an incredible blessing (and here, the superstitious ones add bli ayin hara, tfu, tfu, tfu, etc.). That despite aches and pains here and there, they are both healthy, intelligent, aware, and going about their lives is truly a gift. Today's blessing is my parents who live about an hour away in a beautiful apartment. They moved to Israel about a month before September 11, 2001 to join their two daughters and eight grandchildren here in Israel. It hasn't always been easy for them, but I know that they love living here.

During the recent war, they rushed to the bomb shelter countless times when their city came under attack. For that alone, I will have trouble forgiving the Palestinians. My parents did nothing to them. That they became targets of Hamas rockets is just a small example of what is very wrong with Gaza and the culture of death they nurture there. Once they were caught in a building and went to the staircase with many others; once they were asleep during an early morning alarm and I woke them...for that too, I will have trouble forgetting this past summer.

My father writes and grows things, forever offering to give me plants that I am as likely to kill as I am to nurture. He tells silly jokes that I've heard a hundred times and sets my kids to endless laughter with them. They adore their grandfather and know they are blessed. May he live to 120 and be blessed with knowing that he has raised three children well, eleven grandchildren in pride, and even two great grandchildren.

My mother is amazing. She is a teacher, a professor, a thinker, a lecturer. She goes to the gym...I don't go to the gym! She goes to the gym! She is smart. Smart enough to smile at my father's silly jokes that she has heard a few hundred times and when my children laugh at his jokes, she laughs along with them. She is strength and pride, the ultimate Jewish woman. May she live to 120 and be blessed with knowing that she has raised three children well, eleven grandchildren in pride, and even two great grandchildren.

They make me want to retire...oh, what wonderful things I could do...if I could retire - that is one of many things they have taught me.

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Batsheva said...

I read and love your blog a lot and never comment, but I must say that your son Shmulik looks exactly like your father did.

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