Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blessings - Day 8

Day 8 is where it gets hard because I've recognized my kids, my parents, my in-laws (don't worry, I haven't forgotten my husband...I'm saving that one). Now I need to go to the other things in life that are a blessing.

Day 8 also comes out on a Saturday - Shabbat here in Israel (and around the world). The Jewish Sabbath. It is a day that is so incredibly beautiful - it is a day filled with light and music and peace.

Shabbat is a day that makes us sane enough to survive the other 6 insane days of the year; it enables us to not care that much of the world hates us. As all our days do, Shabbat begins at sunset (Friday night). It follows a day focused on cooking and cleaning and preparing. It is, Friday, exhausting for someone who works all week.

And then, no matter what you have done or haven't done - you rush to take a shower (or you slowly enjoy it). You accept that there's no time to put on make up (or you manage this week and enjoy that extra little time). And then you light the candles, close your eyes and the world goes away.

You thank God for commanding you to light the Sabbath candles and then, when you open your eyes - all the world is before you. There is nothing beyond the borders of your home, your community, your country. No United Nations, no hypocrisy. No Obama, no betrayal.

There is, for 24 hours - the deepest, truest peace you will ever encounter. Even if...EVEN IF...the Palestinians agreed to finally sit and talk; even if we found enough common ground to stop the violence...even then, nothing would rival the absolute peace and beauty of Shabbat.

So my blessing on this 8th day of 100, is the Jewish Sabbath. It brings peace to a nation that has known so little; it helps us endure each week with a promise that soon, so very soon, the world will go away and we will be left to ourselves - our family, our friends, our community, our country.

In honor of the Sabbath, I have arranged to have this published automatically after the Sabbath ends here in Israel. Stay tuned for Day 9 tomorrow.

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