Saturday, September 20, 2014

Count Your Blessing - Day 15

Shabbat is a blessing in and of itself - brought each week as a measure of sanity and peace. I could easily pick Shabbat as the same blessing each week, but within that one blessing are so many others.

One of them is the blessing of food. All the rest of the week, we eat and run, run and eat. Shabbat is the one time we make a point of not eating and running. Meals are long and begin and end with blessings. We start with Kiddush, the blessing over the wine (in our case, grape juice because we are so not drinkers).

Each week, I bake challah - beautifully shaped and so delicious. It's sweet, and soft and we heat it up so it is warm too. My husband loves soup - and so that too is part of our weekly meal - many weeks we have fish; this week we had mushroom blintzes with mushroom sauce first.

It doesn't really matter what the food is - it is a blessing nonetheless. So today's blessing is as simple as that. Food.

Yes, food offers the nutrition that we need to survive - but it is so much more. It touches so many of our senses - smell and sight - even touch. It brings pleasure to your heart when you eat a full meal but more when you see your family eat and enjoy the food you have prepared.

Elie "fights" over the end of the potato casserole (kugel) that I make each week. If anyone gets to it before him, "Who ate my piece?"

Last week, Lazer got there first - no problem, Elie turned the Pyrex dish around and carved out the other corner end of it. Davidi loves wings - no matter how many I make, he always wants more. Little Michali loves the squash in the soup...and the turkey.

Aliza was at her school for this Shabbat. She came home to tell me the food was TERRIBLE...and then had a bowl of soup that I'd left warm for her. Food is not the answer to all things; can't achieve world peace and all that but sometimes, it's a simple and easy way to sit down and enjoy time with your family.

So yes, blessings for the nutrition, but also for the simply pleasures of smell and taste...and time.

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