Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Counting your Blessings - Day 18

No time to write today - busy at work with a client...

Oh wait - there it is - today's blessing. Work.

It is a blessing to have the means to purchase what your family needs; to have a purpose and to accomplish something. Family is everything; work is just an added bonus.

As a technical writer, I am especially blessed because almost on a daily basis, I get to see and learn and help spread the news of some amazing innovations that regularly come out of Israel. Medical devices that save lives...or at least make them easier to live. Fun things that enrich and entertain. Complicated technical things that make everything more efficient, more effective.

Even when it is boring - it isn't because we get to sit with wonderful engineers and developers - some here in Israel, others in far off lands. I came in to work early this morning, feeling the pressure to finish my work and get home early so I can begin cooking for the holidays. Others came in and I heard the sound of typing or conversations in the distance.

And then I sneezed. "Good morning, Paula!" someone called out.

I laughed. "How did you know it was me?"

And so began a short conversation with one of the women in the QA department (Quality Assurance). I love working here - they are hammering away and three separate cranes are all in movement outside my window.

So today's blessing on this very busy day...is work.

May the coming year bless you with all the work you need...and leave you time to cherish all that your work enables you to buy.

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