Monday, September 29, 2014

Counting Your Blessings - Day 24

Yesterday, my daughter, son-in-law and I picked up my grandson from his nursery school and drove him to his parent's home. When we got there, my grandson started to cry - he wanted to come home with me.

He had been here over the holiday - he's a joy to cuddle and play with - he constantly amazes me with how much he has learned. He absorbs everything. He was in the synagogue with us on the second day of Rosh Hashana and people came over to tell me how well he behaved. He was wonderful.

He's three years old - an incredible mixture of his parents and two cultures. He understands English, but speaks almost exclusively in Hebrew. He has identified my house with yogurt and his other grandmother's house with eggs. He eats plenty of other foods in both places, but knows when he comes to my house, yogurt is what he should ask for.

I keep telling my daughter that he isn't old enough to learn the things that my son-in-law and his family keep teaching this child ... and in each and every case, I am proven wrong and they are proven right.

So today's blessing is my grandson. I can't put a picture of him here because my daughter and son-in-law, rightly, don't put his picture on the Internet.

And, if the blessing of one grandchild were not enough, I am blessed with another - Elie's daughter...she just turned a year old - and is running...yes, running. She's sweet and she's strong. She knows what she wants and communicates it in so many ways. She's curious; she's adorable. Sweet, cuddly, so so cute. And I can't put a picture of her here because my son and daughter-in-law, rightly, don't put her picture on the Internet.

And finally, Bill Clinton, aged 68 and Hillary Clinton, aged 66 became grandparents yesterday for the first time - and so, if having two amazing grandchildren isn't enough, I am so blessed that more than a decade younger than both of them, God has blessed me (and my children) with these amazing little sweeties.

So, today's blessing is grandchildren - if you have them, you know what a blessing they are. If you don't have them - I wish such a blessing on you - in the right time.

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