Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lost and Smartly Found?

So the great Chinese phones we got from China at a bargain (the THL 200W)...yeah, my grandmother was right - you get what you pay for. Cheap phones...lasted 6 months. All four are broken. Two lost their speakers, two lost their connectors. The glass broke on one (along with the connector), the inside display broke on another (along with the speaker AND the connector).

We tried again - we ordered a Snopow - it's an amazingly durable phone. So far, so good. It has a problem charging and is VERY heavy, but other than that, it's nice...early days, but we'll see.

So after using the Snopow for a few weeks, Davidi called to tell me that he barely managed to call me - his phone got smashed - between the bad connector and other problems, not worth fixing it.

I offered to buy him a Snopow. And decided to let him test it for a few days. I took his old, very simple, not very smart phone; he took the Snopow.

I got to my client's office on Monday morning, earlier than most because I leave early to avoid the traffic...and realized that I had left the "chipchik" attached to the keychain on the phone.

The chipchik (no idea what you call it in English) enables you to swipe past a computerized door lock. It's been programmed with your ID and can be canceled by the company at any time. Without it, I either need the code (which I have) or I have to wait for someone to let me in.

Since I was going back the next day, I asked Davidi for the chipchik when I got home. It wasn't attached to the phone anymore and I was really afraid I'd have to go tell the company that I lost it. Not really the end of the world - as you can see, it's a piece of plastic and some circuits and probably doesn't cost much, but it would definitely be embarrassing.

Davidi couldn't find it - he said he remembered putting it "somewhere" safe. I went to work, not too happy and figured that if Davidi didn't find it by next week when I have to go back, I'd have to confess and ask for another one.

This morning, attached to the house key, I found this note. He's put the chipchik safely in the box in which I'd given him my new phone - cable, extra battery and all. "It was in the phone box (smile) - told you I put [it] in a smart place (really cute smiley face with the tongue hanging out)."

That he did - in the end, he decided he doesn't want the Snopow - not sure what he'll get but happy the phone is back with me...chipchik and all.

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