Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Roller Coaster Falls

Cruising along today, busy and happy...and now I just felt my stomach fall. It's probably nothing...or it could be everything. It depends on the whim of an evil dictator in Syria; it depends on the madness of mad men. So close to the holidays, I think, who needs this. Why now?

This morning, a Syrian jet crossed into Israeli territory on its way to bomb Syrian rebels...Israel's early warning system was alerted and the jet was shot down by a Patriot missile. You have seconds to decide the potential threat coming at you - this morning, Israel's fighters or computers or something decided the threat was real and had to be challenged. It was...

Now what?

It could be nothing - they're involved in a war in Syria. Maybe they won't notice? That was a joke.

But maybe they'll decide war with Israel over one jet that flew over our territory is not advisable. Or, they could decide what a perfect opportunity to try to divert the world's attention.

I don't know - all I know is that I was cruising along on the roller coaster heading happily to holidays and family time and cooking and friends...and then suddenly there was nothing below the rudders and the roller coaster began to descend.

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