Monday, September 8, 2014

They've Started a NEW Floor

For some reason, the building across from my client's office has begun to represent Israel to me. During the war, despite numerous missiles coming our way, the workers kept building. Almost weekly, they complete the outer structure of a story. I can't really tell how many floors the building is now - it's at least six, but could be as much as 8. Technically, I'm on the 5th floor of this building, but I believe the first floor is at least 2 stories above street level, so I'm not sure.

Each week I come here (I'm here twice a week on average, though over the summer it was a bit less) and each week I see progress. That may be normal in a building project but for me that represents so much of what Israel is.

Part of it is defiance - no, we won't let you stop us.

Part of it is ingrained love - this is what we came here to do. Build on our land, develop it, settle it.

Part of it is truly a show of ownership. We have owned this land for thousands of years. God gave it to us but that wasn't enough for you. So the United Nations gave us part - including the part where this building is being built, but that wasn't enough for you. So you attacked us and dared us to to try to defend ourselves. You threatened to throw us into the very sea I see there behind the building rising towards the sky.

And so we did - defend ourselves, claim our land, and build.

You lost, again and again and STILL you defied logic and sanity to attack us again and again. You bombed our cities - including the one I am in at this moment, including near my home, my office. We blew up your tunnels, your training grounds, your rocket launchers. The bunkers where your cowardly leaders hide and the places from which you launched your rockets - yes, including your homes, your schools, your mosques and still insanity reigned and you continued to attack us.

And so we did what we had to do and in the near future, the numbers game you play will turn on you - as it has in the past. No, 5,000 didn't die in Jenin...not even if you count generations of dead Palestinians buried in the cemetery for decades. When the smoke cleared, the United Nations counted 52 bodies, not 500 and 5,000 as you claimed.

The same is happening now. There is a reason why the overwhelming majority of those injured and killed in Gaza are males within a specific age range.

The news while driving in this morning reported that some intelligence agencies expect hostilities to "break out" - a euphemism for the rockets to resume - when the month long ceasefire ends. Child in both areas are back in school - do they care so little for their children that they would risk a war when children are in the way?

Ah yes, how silly of me...this is the people who hide behind their children, who put their leaders in bunkers and leave their women and children unprotected. These are the "men" who keep their wives and babies with them, knowing they are targets for the attacks they have perpetrated against their enemies.

But the building across the street reminds me - all of that is politics. And while they threaten, we build. Another floor, the future home of an Israeli hi-tech company that will follow the paths of so many others - to create, to innovate, to expand the knowledge we have and challenge all known barriers.

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Anonymous said...

I go to your blog daily and feel a bit disappointed when there are new notes. Appreciate what you do and passed on your blog info to a friend who is an American Soldier's mother who has son in a mideastern hotspot.

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