Thursday, October 30, 2014

Count Your Blessings - Day 35

It's getting cold in Israel - that's the way the seasons are here. We seem to have two...winter and summer. Suddenly it is hot; suddenly cold. I love the cold!

So today's blessing, not the cold - I'll bless that another time; and not the rain we are expecting - I already did that (and will probably do it again). Today's blessing...are sweaters and shawls! Coats and maybe clothes in general.

We are blessed to be able to afford to buy clothes we like; to live in a society where we are allowed to dress as we like. We are not forced by anything beyond which we force ourselves...

I love the winter - I've already pulled out my hooded sweatshirts...I bought a bunch last year and more this year and only noticed now that one of my favorites is almost the same color as my, today's blessing...clothes, sweaters, shawls...

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