Thursday, October 23, 2014

Murder is A Natural Response

According to Hamas, the murder of a three-month-old baby girl is, "a natural response to crimes of the occupation and invasion of Jews in our land." Note the use of the word "Jews" - no, not Israelis, not settlers, but Jews. A natural response is, by definition, something expected, something almost normal. It's natural to laugh when you are tickled, natural to cry when peeling an onion. And, according to the twisted logic of Hamas, it is natural to murder an innocent child because...because... You know what, I won't play this game. I won't try to understand...but I will ask a question.... If murder is a natural response to something that supposedly began 40-60 or more years ago, isn't murder the natural response to the kidnapping and murder of three children? No, not in my book - not in my religion - not in my world. Murder is not a natural response to is, rather, a sick and demented reflection of a culture that worships death.

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Anonymous said...

To key is in the Koran. [a] Any non-muslim(e) is an enemy.[b]"Death or enslavement to the infidels" is a positive commandment. (Which is why President Thomas Jefferson established the powerful US NAVY & Marine corps to battle the Berber pirates)[c] It is a positive commandment to lie in order to fool the infidel enemy into not fighting you.

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