Friday, October 24, 2014

Pain No Parent Should Experience

There is a pain no human should feel, certainly no parent. There is agony beyond words that promises to never end. There are images no human should see, certainly no parent.

This is the last picture taken of a three month old baby girl who was the joy of parents who had waited, no struggled 13 years to bring a child into their family. Taken not long before she was killed, this picture of Chaya will forever bring a world of emotions to her parents.

They will cherish every moment they had with her and mourn so many, many, many others they never will. It is incomprehensible to them and to us that they will have to continue on without her. It is, at this moment, more than they can bear.

And then there is this image, it too is one no parent should have to see and no human can bear to look at. It is what it looks like, the body of an infant, once it has been prepared for burial. The sign announcing her name is almost as big as her whole body. Eternally tiny, eternally mourned.

May God watch over little Chaya Zissel Braun. May He do the impossible, as He so often does, and find some way to comfort parents who are inconsolable.

May the life of this child always be remembered for the joy she brought her parents forever more than the pain in which she left them.

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