Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Showing Restraint?

A very common demand that comes from the Europeans and the Americans is for Israel to show restraint. When all other nations would fire, we are told to wait. When others would flatten their enemies and care nothing about the innocent behind whom they hide, Israel is told to wait.

Here is an example of restraint. Soldiers in a fortified observation post in Jerusalem, pinned down by Arab rioters. They throw rocks, pound the post with firebombs and even grab the metal and shake it with their rage.

Not one bullet is fired from the position. This was filmed yesterday and moments ago, an Arab drove his car into pedestrians at Ammunition Hill - where I wait for the train nearly every day, where my children catch the bus to come home...nearly every day.

Three people have been wounded, including a baby...the driver attempted to flee the scene but was shot by police. This is what happens when you show restraint. This is what happens when you allow our enemies to think we are simply too weak to respond, rather than choosing not to respond.

This is the first face of restraint below...the second face, is that of a young child fighting for his life. Nine have been wounded - a baby, two critical, two moderate, four lightly - at the bus stop where we wait to come home...

Updated: Baruch Dayan Emet...the baby has died of his wounds. May God avenge his blood.


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