Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Counting Your Blessing - Day 39

Today's blessing is our ability to communicate. Words, looks, gestures, whatever it takes. We can convey a wealth of emotions, a lifetime of thoughts quickly and easily. We are always amazed when animals communicate - and they do. YouTube has a bunch of amazing videos - of dogs pulling other dogs to safety, of guarding children from harm. We know that dolphins communicate, elephants, birds...

A look across the room can tell someone we love them; a hand signal can tell a pedestrian or another driver something of what you intend. A wave, a nod. It's all part of communication.

There is so much I could say about how important this blessing is...but maybe the best forms of communication are those that are obvious. And sadly, of all the ways we have to communicate, sometimes words are the most deceptive. Sometimes a world of meaning can be given to another simply with a hug, a kiss, a gentle caress. A slap, a sneer, and worst of all, avoidance.

When you fail to talk to someone, when you ignore them, walk off without a word, whole messages are delivered.

It is always within our power to deliver the message we want to...to communicate our feelings.

A blessing...

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