Monday, November 3, 2014

Counting Your Blessings - Day 38

I think today's blessing is God giving us a sense of humor, a sense of the absurdity of a situation and the ability to laugh at it. There are so many instances of this - we can laugh, or we can cry. Too often, we choose to cry. We need to try to laugh more, even if something seems ridiculous.

Today, I drove almost four hours...back and forth to a client to work on a document. I spent hours editing it and felt something was wrong...there was, so we asked for more information. That took a really long time and when I finally got it, it seems to be missing the very information we needed.

So it was another telephone conversation to understand that the information was sort of there and sort of not. I had asked for an explanation to 90 pieces of code. I got back 21. But even for the 21, about 10 of them didn't match so really, it was 11 that worked, 10 that were new, and 70 that had nothing.

I was told that where there was a check mark, that field related to the code I was working on...that worked, until I found fields that had three Xs. Since there were three categories, a check in any of the categories made sense. Three Xs made me wonder why the field was listed at all.

This might sound very technical (what do you want? I'm a technical writer). So I asked...and the developer agreed...something was wrong. Only, he doesn't have time to figure it out so they assigned a different developer who really is very willing to help, but doesn't know the code very well.

He said I should just produce the document as if the information was correct. Another developer heard this and thought it was crazy, so while I was working my way through deleting about 80 pages...the developers came back and told me to stop. They're going to spend the next few days trying to figure it out.

I think one of the developers was worried that I was upset - "you aren't going to commit suicide, right?"

I laughed..."no, not over a technical manual, no."

Smile when you can, laugh as often as possible, and most important, I think - thank God for the ability to laugh, to take things lightly, to's blessing - our innate sense of humor.

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