Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Have you ever watched a murderer die?

Two videos and an image. A face...

A man who today chose to die - for the glory of his god, once again with the mistaken notion that there can be honor in the murder of others. Perhaps he was jealous of his brother, who was in an Israeli prison until he was traded, one of 1027, for Gilad Shalit. What does it say about his parents - that they raised two sons for allah, two who would be martyrs, two murderers.

This is Ibrahim al-Akari, who murdered one man today, critically injured five, and lightly to moderately wounded another eight. This is Ibrahim al-Akari, not a martyr but a murderer. He was a known Hamas activist and brother to Musa al-Akari who was sentenced to three life terms for his part in the kidnap and murder of an Israeli policeman. Musa was deported to Turkey...they certainly deserve him more than we do.
Unlike Musa, Ibrahim will never see justice in an Israeli court, as his brother did; but then again, we can be grateful that Ibrahim didn't live long enough to be released in yet another misbegotten prisoner release.

One man...and two videos. The picture shows him in life. Now, thanks to the wonders of video, you can watch him die.

I've watched these two videos several times -  I've presented them in reverse order. I can't really explain why. Maybe I should properly show the action that caused his death...

In the video below, you'll see al-Akari shot by border guards who were alerted by radio that he had attacked pedestrians and driven off (in the second video, you'll see him drive off). 

Almost instantaneously, the call went out and border guards from the opposite direction began converging on the area. One raced to the next intersection and blocked al-Akari. The terrorist jumped from the vehicle when it got caught in the traffic jam and you can see al-Akari running around (much like a chicken without his head). He bent to pick up a piece of metal with which to attack, ran again, and was killed by border police. 

The video camera picked up the "action." I presume the voices in the background are police watching live. In Hebrew, you can hear a woman say, "and now he shot him" as you see al-Akari fall, and then a man's voice says, "and that's it."

The next video was also taken from within some surveillance room. Watch as the train leaves. The man on the phone is having a conversation that has nothing to do with the horrible scene that plays itself out on the camera. First, you'll see al-Akari's vehicle plow through and hit these people (others were hit as well). You'll see a girl with a red skirt - so incredibly lucky to have escaped without harm.

The video above is one intersection away from the train station below. As you watch it...imagine...imagine that was you, waiting for a train. Everything is good, the weekend is a day away. It's not too hot outside, the weather is supposed to get warm and sunny...maybe you need to go you have guests coming for the Sabbath? Did you buy tickets to a show, have a great evening planned?

Seconds...seconds change changed these people's lives forever...this morning, in Jerusalem.


Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod said...

This post has been included in Haveil Havalim, the Vayera Version. Please stop by, visit the post, and share the blog love by visiting others' sites as well.

Rickismom said...

What is unbelievable is that a car drives by, after the attack , between the wounded/dead in the video of the attack. WT #*^#*.......!??!

Rachamim Slonim Dwek said...

The car was a police vehicle. Vehicles dont usually travel on lightrail tracks

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