Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Miscellaneous Updates

News is happening fast some things you may not hear about, but should know:
  • The man who was killed today leaves behind a 3 year old son and a wife who is in the final stages of pregnancy. He lives...lived with them in a Druze village in the north - and as a Druze, it was his choice to serve. May his memory be blessed.
  • Jerusalem is, as of about an hour ago, working overnight to put large cement blocks along the train stations and route to prevent further attacks. How successful they will be...we'll see tomorrow.
  • A short time ago, there was another attack - this time, a white van slammed into a checkpoint, lightly injuring three soldiers at the Gush Eztzion junction...near where two of the three teenagers was kidnapped this past summer.
  • And some silly girl posted pictures of the wounded in the earlier attack to a Whatsapp group for her grade...Aliza's grade. She came downstairs in tears, could barely talk to explain what she had seen. I asked to see the pictures...they were brutal...I believe one was the terrorist - a police officer was bent over him checking for a pulse...the second picture was equally disturbing. No way I could have prevented her from seeing, but so sad that she did. A few minutes ago, Aliza came over and said to me, "I don't think I can do MADA (Magen David Adom - ambulance service). I get nervous or I cry when I see blood." How is a mother supposed to answer that?
I don't know when the Israeli government will call this the Third Intifada. A few days ago, I suggested there was a Silent Intifada going on. We have moved beyond silent - and we should not be waiting for our enemies to declare it.

We've been threatened with a third intifada for years - now it is hear. Let's declare it, let's recognize it is happening...and then let's do all we can.

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