Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oh, My God...He Told the TRUTH

For many years, I have written the simple truth of the 1948 war from the Arab side and the Jewish side.

I wrote that the United Nations voted in a Partition Plan in 1947 - November 29th, if you want the date.

The Jews agreed - it was less than half the land that we wanted, about 1/6th of the Palestine the British had been given to mandate. They took 2/3 and created the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan to pay off a debt that had nothing to do with the actual occupants of the land. To this day, Jordan remains 70-80% Palestinian.

The Arabs did not agree. They would not settle for 1/2 of the remaining area under the mandate when they could have it all. They CHOSE to leave their homes and their possessions because they were told by their Arab brothers that the Jews would be thrown into the sea. Why settle for half when they could have it all, they were assured.

And now, here is a video - in Arabic, in which he admits the very truth that we have said all along. THEY chose war. THEY chose to leave the land. THEY lost.
"Yes, I left when I was 20 years old. We left, I mean, the one who made us leave was the Jordanian army because there were going to be battles and we would be defeated. They told us: ‘Leave. In 2 hours we liberate it and then you will return.’ We left only with our clothes, we didn’t take anything because we were supposed to return in 2 hours. Why carry anything? We’re still waiting for those 2 hours to this day.”


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