Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The New Intifada...and the New Sun

Yesterday, I woke before dawn, as I have for the last few days. As I always do, I drove with the radio playing - news. I'm a news-aholic. The news is not good. Rioting, stone throwing. One neighborhood ordered into lock down for hours a few nights ago as the army searched for a terrorist....on a day when two young people were murdered simply, as the father of one said, simply because they were Jews living in their homeland.

I often try to include a simple message in many things I write - we are all settlers, all Israelis. It doesn't matter where you live - it really, honestly, truly doesn't. Yesterday's attacks offered their own can anyone deny this simple message when the Arabs so horribly delivered it yesterday.

They stabbed a 20 year old in the heart of Tel Aviv, and a 26 year old in Gush Etzion - and then celebrate the deaths of these two equally. The message is obvious - to anyone willing to listen. This has never been about the "occupation," this isn't about settlers, it isn't really even about Israelis.

My youngest son was having a discussion with his friends. He told me about it last night as we drove home. His friends argue that this isn't an Intifada - don't call it that. "How many dead Jews do you need to call it an Intifada? Fifteen? Fifty?" my son asked his friends.

I would ask the same question of a high ranking police officer who warned Israelis not to speak of an Intifada - lest the mere discussion of it, cause it to become reality. How many dead Jews does it take until you call it an Intifada? And more, why do you give THEM the power to label the violence they throw at us?

Abu Mazen accuses Israel of waging a war of religion against the Palestinians. It was the Palestinians who built a mosque on OUR Cave of the Patriarchs, on OUR Tomb of Samuel, on OUR Tomb of Joseph. It was they who built on OUR Temple Mount and they who wage war against those who dare to ascend and whisper quiet words of prayer in a place that three religions hold as holy, but only one places above all other places on earth...the Jews.

Abu Mazen says Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem, will be in Palestinian hands and I respond - not in your life time, not during the lives of your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren. Not even in the lives of your great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren. It never was, it isn't, and it never will be. You can accept it - or not. You can wage the Third Intifada or the Thirtieth.

It makes no difference because the one unshakable truth that no one can change is that Jerusalem was created by Jews, sustained by Jews, saved, built and loved by us. We do not burn down its forests; we do not murder its inhabitants in cold-blood.

Yes, one Arab boy was murdered by a few Jews - in a crime that was condemned by the entire nation, and almost immediately solved by Israeli police who worked around the clock to solve it and bring the perpetrators to that to how many Arabs communities celebrated the kidnap and murder of our three boys with fireworks. Compare that to the the cold-blooded attacks that are taking place now - murdering an infant in her carriage, running down and stabbing a young woman, attacking and stabbing a soldier in the middle of Tel Aviv.

With guns, with firebombs, with stones, with fireworks, with boulders and with knives and anything and everything else you have in your arsenals, you will not defeat us, you will not send us into exile again. Only we have the power to do that to ourselves and we won't do it again. At least that much, we have learned.
If anyone is conducting a war of religion, it is the Arabs. It is they who riot on the Temple Mount, throw stones down on worshipers at the Western Wall.

It is those who act in the name of Islam, who call Jews pigs and cattle, they who attacked Jews and synagogues in France, Belgium, England and elsewhere. In the name of Islam, churches and synagogues and holy places are "converted" to mosques.
It was Hamas who said that the attack on Ammunition Hill a few short weeks ago was a "natural response" to "Jews" - not to Israelis, to Jews. When I first thought to write this, I began with the title - the new Intifada because we are fools to deny that is what is happening and that it has been happening for months.

The second part of the title is the "new sun." Yesterday and today and likely tomorrow, I woke and God willing will awaken, very early. And as I left my house, the sun broke the horizon to the east reminding me that each morning God sends the sun to watch over us and remind us that there is light in this world. Light and great beauty.

The Arabs can build on Har HaBayit, they can even attack our homes, our cities, our buses and all that we have built here...but they can't stop the sun from rising over another day in our homeland. They can't stop us from living here.

Their darkness is lost in the brilliance of our sun; their hate blinded by our determination to love and live. They can make us cry, they can make us sad but the very next day, all we have to do is look at the sun and think...another day here in our home. For all that they try, they don't have this simple reality because the more they attempt to deny the obvious connection we have to the land of Israel, the more they look like fools.

Abbas can lie all he can and still the ground brings forth the truth and the sun rises to shine upon it.


Beth said...

Beautiful post! My only correction would be where you say "Jerusalem was created by Jews." I believe the Bible says it is God's city and was created by Him. I know you already know that; just wanted to set it straight for those who don't. Keep writing, Paula!

Yocheved Golani said...

Ishamel wanted to murder Isaac so he could steal Avraham's wealth. Nothing has changed.

Ramah 77 :) said...

Sorry, but there is a point when letting wild animals rampage becomes the fault, to paraphrase that famous NJ rabbi P., the fault of the Zookeeper, not the fault of the beasts. NO ONE has the iron will needed to implement lasting, effective deterrence. It may be like Hama circa 1982, but either you are a sheep or the shochet. I'd rather, even reluctantly, be the latter.

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