Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Truth

Sometimes, the truth comes from those who spoke long ago, at a time when the world was not ready to listen.

Sometimes, a man can speak and people are so blinded by what they think he is saying, they don't really hear. They judge him by a name, blur what he really said, and find fault with the message...even if the message they find was not really the message he was delivering.

Sometimes, if you close your eyes and listen, you will realize that the words have found a home in your heart because they are truth.

Sometimes, the man was misunderstood in his life...assumed to be an extremist, a man filled with hate. A racist. I can't think what other names he was called in his life. I know that he was murdered, though he never murdered. I know that his voice was silenced, but not his ideas.

Put aside his name for a moment, and listen to his words. Won't you be shocked when you find you agree with him...

Rabbi Meir Kahane was murdered 24 years ago. May his memory be blessed.


Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Sigh. Rav Kahane was often right. Probably more often than not. And his only real motivation was a love for Israel, people and state, and all that it represents in the Divine plan. And he didn't even hate Arabs, per se. He hated what they do as our enemies, and what they stand for. But he made people uncomfortable by confronting them with unvarnished truths that they didn't want to answer. Rather than engage him in direct debate, they vilified him and barred him from the Knesset. And the measure-for-measure result is the likes of Haneen Zombi and her vicious ilk.

db said...

I think he was both right, and wrong. Pumping your fists while chanting at someone else's funeral, uninvited, is cheap politicking at the expense of the deceased's family. OTOH, his views were prescient regarding the unraveling of any sense of cohabitation being possible when Arabs view us as being land thieves worthy of extermination. A complex man, IMO.

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