Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To Laugh or To Cry....

A few years ago, a slightly insane person started writing to me. At first, I didn't realize the rather unbalanced level of his mind and so I responded once or twice. I love "arguing" with people - I find that most people fall into one of three categories:
  • They hate Israel and Jews - so after I realize this is where they are, I stop. Why waste me time and honestly, the chances of me causing them a heart attack are probably pretty slim (and yeah, that's bad humor after some really hard days here in Israel)
  • They love Israel and Jews - so I love corresponding with them, sometimes meet and become real friends not just cyber-friends and all around enjoy the support.
  • They don't know - perhaps they have heard bad things or perhaps not but they are open enough to listen and learn and eventually, they move out of this group into one of the above. I do all that I can to make sure it is the group that loves us, when I can.
So, I quickly realized that this person who lived in California fell into the hater category and though he continued to write, I didn't respond. Only, he got louder and louder, the fonts in his email got bolder and larger and then he got threatening.

When he threatened to come to Israel, when he threatened my children, I got scared and spoke to my brother in the US. He contacted a friend who was in the FBI and I was told that the FBI considered the emails that were sent to me as hate crimes and would be in touch for further information.

When they finally contacted me, they asked for the emails (again) and then for some more information, which I gave them. Part of that information was a list of websites where I had researched and found the guy's writings. I thought it kind of funny that the FBI was asking me but hey, you go with the flow.

Then they wrote and asked how I knew that the guy who wrote the articles was the same as the one emailing me. Well, I wrote back - first clue is that the article writer and the email writer have the same name. Now, while I understand that this is not 100% conclusive, neither his first name nor his last name were particularly common - put them together and I really doubt there are two. But, I wrote, even if there are two anti-Israel, anti-Semitic people with the same name, what are the chances of them having the same email (which appears at the bottom of the web page where the articles were)? Duh....

The guy in California wrote again, telling me that he'd voodoo-ed me and since the Haitian priestess had "never been wrong," I was surely going to die before the autumn ... of 2003!

In the end, the FBI said they couldn't do anything because the guy hadn't declared an immediate threat in his emails. He'd declared a threat in one email and talked about "soon" in another and the FBI didn't seem to be able to put the threat and soon together.

Luckily, through the Israeli police and a friend at the airport who also felt that the emails were threatening, his name was added to an airport list blocking his entry to Israel.

Today, I saw an article on the web and this story came flooding back. The FBI is going to investigate the terror attack yesterday on the synagogue in Jerusalem! Three American/Israeli citizens were murdered and with the outrage, the FBI stepped forward.

What exactly they are going to investigate, given that the perpetrators were killed during the attack, I have no clue. And what they'll do with the information they gather, given that the perpetrators were killed during the attack, I have no clue.

But, the FBI is going to investigate...not the attack of a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn, not the murder of the rabbi in Miami (or maybe those also???) but the attack here. I wonder how much this is going to cost the US tax payer...


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Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

here is how they will probably do it

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