Monday, December 29, 2014

A Father's Hand

Elie and Lauren, like Amira and Haim, don't agree to put pictures of their child on the Internet, not even on Facebook. I can't disagree with their reasoning, can't argue that in today's world, once you share an image on the Internet, it often goes car and wide.

I've been looking at the pictures we took over recent holidays. So many are with the grandchildren...and therefore can't be posted.

We just got back from a few days in Eilat, Israel's southern most city. It's sort of one half of Israel's vacation getaway, the other being the north.

We try to go north in the summer, Eilat in the winter. It's hot there, very hot. Barely rains. You have to drive through miles and miles of desert to get there, but when you do - the beauty is breathtaking.

I can't handle the cold and so never even considered going into the water. Lazer went snorkeling; I clung to the shore.

At one point, Elie's daughter was playing in the sand while Elie was lounging in the chair. Lauren took a bunch of pictures...and I saw the way his hand was by the side of the baby, just there, just touching. Protection, warmth, love...letting her have freedom, there if she needs him.

The baby focused on the sand, her father's love an obvious and constant part of her life. That's the way it should be...

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