Sunday, December 7, 2014

Go to Jerusalem and Die

Aliza came home tonight and started a conversation. She said, "People are scared to go to Jerusalem; people are scared to go out of their house."

She said, "People are canceling their trips to Jerusalem. " And what did they think they were going to do - but "go to Jerusalem and die."

"Have I stopped you from going to Jerusalem?" I asked her. She looked at me and was thinking.

"Have I stopped going to Jerusalem?" I asked.

No, I haven't stopped and no, I don't really think people are afraid to go out of their homes or that they think if they go to Jerusalem, they are going to die.

I could mention the fact that today King Abdullah of Jordan essentially threatened Israel with a 6th and 7th Intifada...which is kind of funny because here in Israel the debate is whether the third Intifada has begun...I think we need to catch up...

I could mention stone throwing attacks, and the attack last week on a store nearby here. But really what this is about is not "people" but Aliza. She is afraid.

This is her fear coming out...and for this too, I am not likely to forgive the Arab leaders, the terrorists who freely take advantage of all Israel has to offer in terms of health benefits, social conditions etc. and then come out and attack.

And I am not likely to forgive this government of ours because they have failed to give our children a sense of security - again.

I blame the mayor of Jerusalem for failing to ... I don't know - just failing to make sure Jerusalem, above all cities, is safe.

And maybe worst of all, I'm not sure I can forgive myself because ultimately, a parent has to give their child that sense that they are safe. No one knows the moment that they will die - unless they go do something stupid or cause it themselves.

We can't change our lives worrying about what tomorrow will bring...

We have to live...this is our land.

All these are arguments that mean little to a 14 year old girl who is afraid.

What words of comfort can I offer her? What words will she believe?

I guess I'll let you know if I think of them...for now, I have none.


Batya Medad said...

Fear is so hard to eradicate once it begins. You travel daily, even by train. Get her pepper spray, if that helps.
And the politicians and media are guilty of blaming the victim. Terrorism is not something we can prevent or avoid.
Some people are just more capable of fear than others.
We may end up with our family Chanuka Party in Jerusalem, because of that.

David Gerecht said...

went there today. had fun at the zoo, then at a pizza store after.

Didn't even think twice about it.

Oh, and we took the kids too

Ora Yashar said...

How bout a mother/daughter trip here? Shopping, food, the new Cinema City -- there is SO MUCH to do here in Jerusalem. We are strong b'ezrat Hashem! All the best!

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