Monday, December 29, 2014

Haveil Havalim....

I've volunteered to do another one! A round up of Jewish and Israeli blogs from the past week. It's a fun thing to do...a bit time consuming and an effort almost doomed to failure because how could anyone sum up the world of Jewish/Israeli blogging for a week in one post. So, perhaps the better term would be some highlights - highlights of a fun and interesting week...


An amazing article about fact and fiction and the Temple Mount - this one probably belongs in pretty much all of the categories below, but I'll put it here.

For some beautiful photography and a round up of Chanukah in Israel, check out this Real Jerusalem Streets post.

And see more beautiful Chanukah photography on Batya's me-ander. 

Over Chanukah, a lot of us went on vacation. Hiking around, shopping, visiting - it's a great time to not only see friends, but spend quality time outside in this beautiful country. It probably wasn't in honor of Chanukah, but NASA has joined the fun with some amazing pictures of Israel ... from space! See them on Life in Israel.


In the run-up to the elections, there are discussions related not only to Israel but it's political future and how it will be run - so, here's some of what our bloggers have been thinking this week:

Two State Solution - won't fly, says Batya in her Shiloh Musings post.

Looking for the latest polls for the upcoming elections? Check out Shiloh Musings

Jewish-Religious Discussions 

Here's the beginning of what promises to be an amazing dialog between two amazing women about the place of Jewish women in Judaism, in the home and in the synagogue, in rituals, and more.



Health and Inspiration

I had to debate with myself where to put this one. I decided it deserves its own category. Ahava Emunah is an amazing woman. I have been following her blog, her story, and including her in my prayers for some time now...and, gaining such inspiration from her. I hope you do too. Here she is with M&M Inspiration.

Another inspiring blog for those of us who live in a world of trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, and/or generally live healthy, is Riki's Mom blogging in Beneath Your Wings. She writes here a letter to a friend.

Other Stuff

Only in Israel could beer become part of a holy discussion. Learn about beer and Tzora in the Israel Brews and Views blog.

In searching around, I found this story - it doesn't belong in "other stuff" but it really doesn't belong here at all. The topic is completely valid and belongs, but the date is off - this was published a few weeks ago, but still, it is such a wonderful story, I decided to post it here...the story of a premature baby, born months early weighing in at 1.1 pounds (500 grams)...and look where he is now...

A neighbor in Maale Adumim was recently robbed. He is a world-renowned expert and teacher in a uniquely Israeli hand-to-hand combat form known as Krav Maga. He has been sharing his thoughts and feelings as he comes to terms with the robbery and what it means to him. 


Next week's Haveil Havalim will be hosted by Tzivia at You can submit your favorite blog posts to with a one-line description of why you enjoyed it, the subject matter, etc.


Batya Medad said...

Puala, thanks so much for your  Havel Havelim and for including my posts.

Doug Greener said...

Thanks for the mention, Paula. I'm not sure my blog is a "holy discussion," but I can be convinced that I'm wrong.

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