Monday, December 15, 2014

Havel Chanukah Approaches

Havel Havelim (HH) is the longest running International Jewish blog carnival. Havel Havelim is hosted weekly on various blogs. A wide variety of bloggers share the responsibilities of hosting, and we hope that you'll read, comment and, of course, share the carnival and the various blog posts included. Getting to know other blogs is what it's all about.

An issue of Havel Havelim would not be complete without politics, especially as Israel begins to gear up for yet another, first category up to bat:

Politics, Naturally

Where's the Likud going to end up after this election. Batya offers one idea - Likud in the Opposition.

A Soldier's Mother (yeah, me) chimed in with The Absurdity of Politics.

Then, another natural topic would be...

Israel, Always Israel

It seems just as the elections are heating up, the overall security situation here in Israel has gotten that much worse, that much more tense. Incidents of violent, terrorist attacks in Jerusalem have risen drastically...much on the minds of our bloggers this past week.

Read Batya's Any Excuse to Riot on Shiloh Musings.

A comprehensive list of the week and what happened in Israel and around the Jewish world can be found here on Winston's Gaza War Diary

In the Really Unreal radio program, they discuss the political situation as well. Click here for an except and a link to the show on The Really Unreal.

One more from "their side" before I show you some of ours. Read Hamas Let Their Jew Hatred Shine During Anniversary Celebrations

And now for's a wonderful post on Miriam's Words - It's a Beautiful Day offering a philosophy on life we should all adopt.

And, on the lighter side - here's a great post by a new immigrant to Israel in a blog called Heading Upwards. We can all so remember those times. Check out Clean Laundry!

And finally, as we swing into Kislev...we approach Chanukah and so do our bloggers!

On Choosing Life

Now, don't get all depressed, but for the last year plus, I have been following some very special blogs...three families struggling with cancer. In two cases, the family experienced the loss of their loved one...and have recently posted updates...they are, even doing well.

Read about...

Superman Sam...a year after his passing

Stella - A Year Has Passed

And one more I found recently: Remembering Pearl

The third is the blog of an amazing woman who still struggles with cancer. She is a model for all of us - in her positive nature, her dedication to her children and life, and, in this latest post, her determination to be honest.

And read Ahava Emunah's Goodbye Forever, Denial

Chanukah, Hanukah, Hanukkah and every other spelling!

Now, that I've probably brought you to tears, let's go back to light and happiness...

Let's start with Benjie Lovitt and his amazing How To Appreciate Chanukah Lke A Jedi

And please check out an amazing video, posted on A Soldier's Mother (yeah, here) Jews Don't Fight with a Sword.

The Real Jerusalem Streets gives us one picture of what it's like in Jerusalem as Chanukah approaches and Jerusalem streets announce the Festival of Lights is coming.

And this Chanukah's exciting news, Maccabeats Come Up With Another Hanukkah Hit - "All About That Neis"

And on that note - I wish you a joyous and fun Chanukah filled with light!

Stay tuned - shortly, I'll publish where Havel Haveilim will be published next week.

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Batya Medad said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful  Havel Havelim.

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