Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jews Don't Fight with a Sword

I need to write about Hanukah - it's something that comes up each year and still, I feel, so misunderstood.

In the worst case, people think of Chanukah as the Jewish we didn't have enough holidays but needed something to balance out all those trees and flashing lights. It isn't - it never was.

In Israel, we love to eat jelly donuts and potato pancakes? What's the connection? Oil. We were raised with the story, but in many ways, the wrong story.

We were told that after the Holy Temple was desecrated, the Jews found one single jug of oil. It was enough to last only a single day...while to resupply would take 8 days...and yet the Jews lit that jug of oil...and miraculously, it burned for the full 8 days until new oil was brought to the Temple. But that's not the story - well, it is the story, but the real story happened before...around...that one.

My oldest daughter came into my office today and told me there was an amazing video I had to see - Jews don't fight with a sword, she said, they defend with a sword. Jews fight with light.

 Yes, that (and this video) describe Hanukah...and the Jews...perfectly.

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