Monday, December 8, 2014

The Absurdity of Politics

Israel is, once again, headed to new elections. It is a bother at times, how easily and how quickly the government can fall. It is also the best example of how democratic this country can be.

We have a say in shaping the future - our choice. And the amount of time we have to sit around and bemoan the failures of our government are much shorter than in most places. In the United States, so many are disgusted by Obama...and yet, you are stuck with him for another 2 years - no real say in what he will do. They say that Obama is a lame duck president, but sadly, I'm not sure whether it is the president...or the people, who are no longer empowered.

In Israel, for all the bad - we once again have the chance to choose...and in average percentages much higher than in other countries. Yesterday, mid afternoon, reports started coming in that something had exploded in Syria. This is pretty much a regular event, given the civil war there but it was pretty clear, pretty quickly, that this something was different.

As in the past, international media says Israel attacked something - something big that went boom...not just when we...I mean when it was hit, but something that kept on going boom long after our...I mean...the planes...or whatever, went away.

It is not the policy of Israel to announce what we did...if we did it...which, of course, I can't confirm because, like...what do I know, right?

But what is interesting, given that we are on the road to new elections, was the absurd accusation that the attack on Syria was politically motivated.

What was hit was an ammunitions supply convoy or warehouse - rockets destined potentially for Hizbollah are no longer a threat. For this, we give great thanks to the pilots who flew true yesterday...if there were pilots, of course.

An operation of this type, especially given not only the accuracy of the hit but the fact that no one was hurt, requires weeks and perhaps even months of planning. Someone has to know who is where, what is where, when etc. The logistics is mind boggling and no way was this mission decided upon, approved, and launched simply because new elections were called.

All those Israeli politicians that suggested a connection owe the Israeli army, the Israeli people, and the government an apology. It is THEY who are playing politics with our lives, they who risk the future of Israel.

The government of Israel, facing elections or not, is responsible for the security of Israel and the army and air force are the means with which this obligation is fulfilled. To suggest otherwise is little less than treasonous.

Kol hakavod - all honor - to the pilots and fighters of the IDF, to those that lead them, those that command them, and those who had the courage, despite it being pre-election, to know when we needed to do what we did...if we did it.

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