Friday, December 19, 2014

The Mischief Maker

I was looking through some pictures that I've been planning to post. Over Sukkot, we drove to the Sea of Galilee. We took two cars, a bunch of the kids, Elie's wife and daughter, Yaakov and Chaim. We took a tent, towels, tons of rafts, a barbecue, food and more.

We thought about going on tractoronim (dune buggies). We thought about going kayaking (which Israelis do in a canoe). In the end, we simply went to a beach and spent a lovely day there.

The pictures are great. A few of Aliza in the sunset, tons of little Michal, a few of the "boys" making the barbecue, etc. And then, amid all the long range shots we took of everyone in the water, this one caught my eye. Aliza must have taken it while on shore...perhaps Lauren. Everyone seemed to be using the camera and the result is a wonderful and colorful blend of images, people, scenery, etc.

Chaim is in the front - he's actually talking to me. I hate pictures of me, so I cut myself out. I'm not sure what Yaakov is doing...I think he's blowing up the pillow part of the raft.

And then, in the back is Davidi. He's floating on a raft while...while...wait...

Let's blow that picture up and see if what he's doing is what it looks like. Yup...he's trying to pull the plug out of Yaakov's raft so the air will go out.

I love the look on his face...

I wish I could see the look on Yaakov's face when he sees this picture.

God, I love these boys...

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