Friday, December 19, 2014

Your Daughter's Getting Old...

So says Aliza. The funny part is that she isn't talking about her 29-year-old sister, she is speaking of herself. In a few weeks, she turns 15.

I laughed and told her - yup, that's the way it works. Today you are 15, tomorrow 25, then 40 and 60 and then...80. 

"I can't be 80," she said. "I can't have gray hair! Look at my hair!"

She has gorgeous, long hair with gentle waves...

"I can't get wrinkles," she she goes back to humming in the kitchen as she cuts strawberries.

Yes, you can, my love. And with God's help, you'll get many of them...

How is it possible she's going to be 15 years old...and just three days on the English calendar later (two weeks before on the Hebrew calendar), Davidi will turn 19.

He's busy this Chanukah season - once again donating most of his holiday to the ambulance squad. This time, he is teaching 9th and 10th graders what he learned several years ago - the basics of first aid in a 60 hour course.

It isn't possible, but he seems older and taller than before. He got his driver's license and loves driving. So fast they grow.

My hair is growing gray and I'm getting wrinkles...the cold is hurting my shoulder, vulnerable since last year's operation. I'm getting old...but yes, so are my children. It is one of the blessings in life...wait, I still have to get back to all those maybe that's what I'll do now.

Today's blessing is living to get see your children and grandchildren and God willing, your great grand-children get old.

Elie's daughter is 14 months old...she's been learning sign language and teaching us. We ask her if she wants to eat. She is graced with hearing...and yet her wise mother is teaching her to sign...and so she puts her fingers together and moves them to her mouth - eat!

"Do you want more?" we ask her because the sign for more is even cuter than the sign for "eat."  She puts her fingers together and then her hands meet as she says her version of "more, more."

Amira's son is three and a half; he knows almost all the Hebrew and English letters, understands both languages and has a billion things to tell me each time I am with him. He's still young enough that I can watch as he falls asleep.

The greatest blessing...what Aliza has yet to indeed growing old...

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