Monday, January 26, 2015

Anti-Semitism in Los Angeles

I want to report an anti-Semitic attack in France Los Angeles.

It happened last week...the police are calling it a hate crime.

Here's what happened, according to someone who spoke to the victims. Where it refers to "I" it is not me, but this person who is working to publicize this event.
Valley Village, California - between Bellaire and Whitsett, and Burbank and Oxnard. The main incident happened in front of one of the victim’s home, but the 2nd and 3rd drive by was down the block.
On Saturday, January 17, 2015, several families with their children and elderly were harassed, threatened and almost run down by anti-semites driving a black SUV with no license plates in Valley Village, California. This incident occurred in broad daylight around 12 noon as Jews were peacefully walking back to their homes from Shabbat morning service.

The LAPD has officially called it a hate crime. The initial response took about 35 minutes, but the police have escalated this to a city-wide elevated status assuring the safety of the Jewish community.

During one of the drive by incidents, the SUV swerved into one Jewish man and hit his arm with the passenger-side mirror. The black SUV returned at least three times and none of the hooligans have been caught. One of the victims said he saw hammers and pipes in the car when it stopped near him.

One young man told me, “they are looking for Jews, driving around the neighborhoods yelling derogatory anti-Jewish remarks.” 
He described both fear and anger as the SUV stopped near him and one of the heavily tanned and tattoo-covered men jumped out and became physically aggressive. “They called us ‘f-ing Jews’ and said they were going to ‘f’ing get us’, and I took them as serious.”
“They said they will be back, and we are scared. I’ve never lived in fear like this inside my own home, but my shotgun is loaded and easily accessible,” said one of the grandparents.
Orthodox rabbis abroad have said that even the most observant Jews should carry mobile phones on the Sabbath.

Another of the grandparents told me, “they may not have set out that day to be anti-Semitic, but when they saw Jews they jumped at the opportunity to harass us.” Los Angeles is home to the 3rd largest worldwide Jewish population behind New York and Israel.
It seems for the first time rabbis are becoming unified about this subject. “Rabbi, what can I do?” I asked. He replied, “Don’t ignore this. Share it. Ask your friends to share it. Our common enemy has been revealed, and people must decide what side they’re on.
Description of Perpetrators I was told they were Hispanic, not Arab. While there is no indication they were Muslim, it is widely known that Islam spreads most easily throughout the lower-income and minority peer groups. The way these hoodlums verbalized it is unlikely were highly educated. We know for sure they were Anti-Jewish. The scary part is they did not look like the terrorists we see on television – a reminder that Jews face both obvious and hidden enemies.
The writer closed with this comment: "With G-d’s help, we shall make this world a safe place for our families."

And that is where I have a problem. "Make this world a safe place for our families"? I can up Nefesh b'Nefesh today and tell them you want to move to Israel. Call the real estate agent and ask them to come and put your house on the market; depending on what you do for a living, consider retraining now, otherwise, sign up for an ulpan and try to improve your Hebrew.

This summer, after your kids, grandkids, whatever finish school...pack your bags, go to the airport, and get on a plane.

Come to Israel where it is safe - yes, really. Your children will never cower again and if someone tries to run you over - a dozen people in the street will pull out weapons, police and soldiers will be there to stop them. The army will hunt them and stop them.

This is not a criticism of the Los Angeles police - they will do what they can but ours will do more because they won't wait to call it a terror attack; they won't hesitate to call it a hate crime and they won't take 35 minutes to get there.

And as they grow, your children will learn to defend themselves and they will never feel the fear you have now.

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Anonymous said...

The information originally posted on the blog site is just not accurate. There apparently were verbal remarks made at those walking on Shabbos...One of the Jewish "victims" went into his home (video accounts reveal this) took a baseball bat and smashed the side mirror of the black Escalade. Unfortunately, the only crime committed here was that act.

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