Sunday, January 4, 2015

Brunch Bagel's Burned Bagels and Customer Service

Ever feel like a nice bagel and a salad for lunch...this is one of my favorites...nice fresh salad...perfect bagel. Onion, please...

I often go to Holy Bagel or Sam's Bagels, this time, sadly, we ordered from Brunch Bagel in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem. Aliza LOVES bagels; Davidi LOVES bagels. They are fast, easy, tasty, and burned...wait, what?

We ordered two salads and fifteen bagels. We were told we'd have to pay for the cab to deliver them - about 20/25 NIS. We ordered 9 onion 6 plain.

We got - 4 plain, 2 poppy, 3 mixed, and a bunch of onions. Not exactly what we ordered but not the end of the world. We didn't get the exact sauces we wanted, really, not a big deal. The taxi was 34 NIS, but never mind, not the end of the world too.


TEN of the 15 bagels were BURNED and HARD AS ROCKS tax invoice. No "wow, how did that happen" from the worker. Not, "I'm so sorry, we'll send more bagels now." At best, we were offered the opportunity to leave our offices and go there to exchange bagels. There was a reason why we ordered them delivered and paid for a cab. We are very busy with projects, the conference, end of year and start of new year accounting. No, we are NOT going to lose over an hour going to their place to fix their mistakes!

So, I found their page on Facebook and wrote the problem. I hoped they'd call. Instead, they deleted my post.  I put up a second one... they deleted that too.

After my second post (see to the right) the manager called. 

He's been having some problems with the workers; he fired the last manager and at my best guess, is in for more changes yet.

They are sending fresh bagels and apologize. Not just that - the manager delivered them himself. We handed him one of the burned bagels and he was honestly disgusted. The ones he brought us were warm and soft, and straight out of the oven!

You can't ask for more and with many companies, you could expect a lot less and so I thank Brunch Bagel and tell you I will return as a customer.

People complain very quickly about bad customer service in Israel. We shouldn't have gotten burned bagels and we shouldn't have had to deal with the first person we spoke to on the phone.

On the other hand, ultimately, we are all human and we all make mistakes and the best we can do is fix them, learn from them, and hope it doesn't happen again.

I thought of deleting this post, but instead I'll post it because people long remember the bad experiences...but how often do they remember the good?

I encourage you to visit Brunch Bagel in Geula (call them to order 02 500 4001 - you can ask for Yehuda, the manager) and when you do...thank them for caring enough to fix their mistakes.

It's more than a lot of companies and people do.


Channy said...

Well done Paula!
I have been there a number of times with the kids and my mother and we always enjoy it.

Batya Medad said...

I'm not surprised he apologized. His name is Yehuda!

Anonymous said...

Well done
however I love my bagels burned
next time I am goinc to brunch baglea I will ask for the burned ones

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