Wednesday, January 28, 2015

May Their Memories be Blessed

Today, Hezbollah was given an opportunity...and they took it.

On the Lebanese border, two Israeli vehicles - though soldiers were inside, the vehicles themselves were not market as army vehicles - not in color, not the license plates, and not the models used. They were not armored personnel carriers, not tanks, not jeeps...just large pickup trucks - Isuzu Dmax...

Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles at the non-bullet proof vehicles with predictable results. Two soldiers were killed; seven others lightly to moderately wounded.

CNN will tell you of a battle on the Golan Heights (someone really has to get these people a map - Har Dov isn't in the Golan). And if you waste your time clicking on their link, you come to a page that describes the "battle" but only gets around to mentioning the anti-tank missile that violated international law in the second paragraph.

BBC, as expected, was no better, "Two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish UN peacekeeper are killed as Hezbollah militants trade fire with Israeli forces along the Lebanese border."

Trade fire? It was a missile, you idiots.

Three people died today as a result of this Hezbollah action - they include two young Israeli soldiers - aged 25 and 20, one a Captain, one a Staff Sergeant. Two loved sons of Israel.

Dor Nini is from Moshav Shtulim, near Ashdod. He fought in the summer's war in Gaza and was a member of the Givati Brigade's Tzabar battalion.

Yochai Kalangel, 25, grew up in the Gush Etzion town of Elazar and moved to the nearby community of Har Gilo when he married his wife Tali. He leaves behind of a one-year-old girl. He received the president's award for excellence on Independence Day last year and was a company commander in the Tzabar Battalion.

May their memories be blessed.

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