Thursday, January 1, 2015

Moments without Pictures

We got a new couch! Well, an old couch that looks amazing in our living room. I've been wanting an L shaped couch for the longest time. I had this perfect location picked out. With Amira and Haim's help - they've been scouring lists and sending me pictures until, while we were in Eilat on vacation a bit over a week ago, they sent me the most amazing picture.

On our way home, we went by - it was not in perfect corner was crushed, another failing. We actually got it fixed...and we put it...not at all in the place I had planned.

All of a sudden, Elie and I were talking. What if, instead of putting it in this corner...we put it there? But, where would we put the dining room table, the server, the breakfront? What about this couch...and that...

We flipped the room around completely. Where the table was, the couch is. Where the couch was...the table is. One couch went out on the balcony; one crossed the room. The room is now the most amazingly light, airy place.

And the

The people that we bought it from told us that it was an amazingly comfortable couch. That doesn't even begin to do it justice. It's leather. I never thought I'd own a leather couch. It's sort of beige...cream color, also not a color I would have considered. It's huge. It is SO amazingly comfortable. On one side, there's a built-in recliner. Oh, and the picture you see (those are Davidi's shoes peeking out from under the table. The yellow blanket is this soft, furry blanket...

The first day we had it, Lazer laid down and said it was so comfortable. My amazing husband could pretty much sleep anywhere. But, after he went to the synagogue that night, I laid down...and wow, I thought about moving permanently to our living room. Amazing. I wasn't sure I'd ever get's just that wonderful.

Since then, it has been a central place. Davidi is sitting there now. He came home and put his backpack down and I "screamed" and so he put his backpack on the side rather than the couch and sat down. Then he pretended to put his shoes on the couch and I "screamed" again. He laughed, took his shoes off, and spread out. He's back there again now, laying on the couch playing on his phone...

Earlier this afternoon, Aliza was enjoying the couch. Last night, long after I'd gone to bed, she and then my husband enjoyed resting there. She told me she woke up in the middle of the night to find that she and her father had both fallen asleep there. It's big enough for two people to completely spread out...and still have more room.

A few minutes ago, Elie came up and the first thing he did was sit down. I wish I had a picture of Elie and Davidi sitting there on the was very cute. I thought of taking a picture of them, as I wanted a picture of Aliza on the couch.

Amira and her husband came over the night before we got the couch and they spent hours helping up move things around, prepare the room. They came again on Shabbat for lunch and got to see the difference a couch makes.

The family loves it - I love it. I come home and look at the couch and each time am shocked by how much a simple change can make.

The only one who hasn't seen it is Shmulik.

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