Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes it really is that simple...

It's been a crazy few weeks...I can't even tell you why it has been so insane - just tons of work and pressure and home issues. Last week, my husband came home with flowers for the Sabbath.

He does this often, especially in the winter when flowers last longer. It's a common thing, a tradition really, that a husband buys his wife flowers for the Sabbath to grace their home.

You could say that women buy their husbands flowers (and I have) but there is something very special about these flowers that he brings home. And like the candles that burn beside them Friday night, they are a constant reminder of what we have built and what we continue to build.

They graced our Shabbat table last week, filled the house all week long, and were in full bloom this Shabbat as well.

They are beginning to all flowers do eventually, but we were blessed with their beauty for an amazingly long time.

I found myself taking pictures of them, wanting to hold on to them that much longer.

They're still there next to where I light the candles each week but by the end of this week, they'll surely be gone.

Israel is very much a land of flowers, most especially in the winter months. It's one of our major exports and, one that we enjoy here as well.

All around my city, the desert hills are covered with greenery that will soon dry up and die, only to be renewed again next winter.

For now, Israel is probably at its most beautiful though it is a time when few tourists are here.

Those from the northern hemisphere are deep in their winters, school and work.

Those from the southern hemisphere have returned to their homes after their summer break.

For these short few months before tourists again arrive for the Passover-Easter break, Israel is all ours.

Sometimes, it really is the simple things that bring you joy.

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