Monday, January 5, 2015

The Moon Above Us

I left before dawn today to get to a client on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. How beautiful does that sound? As I left Maale Adumim, I saw the moon, nearly full, hovering over Jerusalem. What a picture, I thought to myself. Too dangerous to stop on a highway and take it...but it was magnificent.

I topped the hills of Jerusalem and began the descent towards the coast. The moon was there just above the hills and as I went lower, it somehow balanced out for the moon setting to the west as well.

How beautiful, I thought to myself, knowing it was a picture that would remain only in my head and never be captured. It slipped away, as the moon tends to do, as the sun rose behind me, filling the land with light and my soul with peace.

No, there really will not be peace with the enemies of Israel; it was almost predestined, perhaps. But on mornings like this, with a slight chill in the air, it almost doesn't matter.

It was a perfect morning after a lovely evening. I went shopping with Aliza for a wedding dress for an almost-family wedding. I think we both fell in love with the first dress she tried fit her perfectly and reminded me that weeks away from 15, she simply isn't a little girl anymore. The dress is elegant and fits her so beautifully, a hint of the lovely woman she is becoming and yet modest enough to meet my need for denial.

We added a coat - actually agreed, and that too fit her very nicely and for a change, I may not have to fight her to wear it. We went shopping for some skirts for her - not a good area on which we agree. I am forcing too much on her, pushing her towards rebellion because her friends dress differently and she yearns. "I need to make my own mistakes," she tells me and the parent in my cries because she's right.

I can tell her about mistakes I've made, but they aren't her mistakes and she wants the freedom to decide. We went to one store; she was completely against even looking. At a quick glance, she rejected it all. I pushed and finally gave up and we began to walk to the train - and then she saw what she wanted, which was completely in line with what I wanted, just a different style, "see, I know what I want," she said.

I told her she was right, that I loved her, that I was wrong. She took it with love and bought six skirts and a sweater. She came home happy - which for a teenager is a success beyond measure.

We had a serious conversation on the way home about her friends. She is sensitive to the needs of others and yet feels there too she is worrying about others at her own expense. She is trying to find a balance, stopping before their problems become hers while still helping them at the same time. It is a battle she will fight all her life, but that is too much for an almost-15 year old to absorb and so I quoted Hillel to her, "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, when?"

There are no perfect children, no perfect days, no perfect sunrises, and no perfect moons...and yet, sometimes we get a glimpse of almost. It was an almost perfect evening. It was an almost perfect morning. The office is filling with people; the sun is shining in my country, the moon long gone.

May this day be a blessing for all who live it; may it see quiet and peace in our land and may the night come gently.

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