Tuesday, January 6, 2015

US Warns it's Citizens to Travel Israel Packing...

No, not packing guns - packing shovels...

The State Department has issued a hilarious warning. What makes it so funny is that it was issued after 2 centimeters fell on the southern areas of Israel's highest mountain - Mt Hermon. They want Americans in Israel to pack a "shovel, and emergency food supplies in the event you are stranded," and "consider deferring any non-essential travel."

Apparently, the Americans in the Embassy in Tel Aviv (yes, despite pre-election promises from every US president in the last few decades, including Obama, the US still maintains their embassy in Tel Aviv and only has a consulate in Jerusalem), realized how asinine the State Department's warning was and decided, to their credit, to have fun with it.

Here's a picture of the Ambassador and staff on a sunny beach in Tel Aviv with all the gear recommended...except the shovels...

Thanks to Ambassador Dan Shapiro for once again making us smile and showing that he "gets" Israel. Oh, the temperature where they are standing...in the high 60s Fahrenheit (maybe even low 70s).

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