Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When a Smile Speaks

Take a look at this picture...really look. There are the "world leaders" or some of them, who attended the mass rally against extremism, against terror, for freedom and to honor the murders of 17 people in France.

Look at the faces of each person. Now, I am a firm believer that politicians are about the best actors in the world. They have trained their bodies, their eyes, their mouths to forever be in the public eye. Yes, there are sometimes genuine thoughts and tears, but often, there is the feeling of the stage.

Sometimes, the lack of the stage speaks volumes about what a person is really thinking.

Look at this picture - how many nations are represented...how many can you identify...Israel...what was Netanyahu thinking...more dead Jews...more anti-Semitism...Merkel...when will this end, this hatred, this horror?

and look who is smiling...

And this just in - turns out..Obama WAS at the rally - here's a picture to prove it....

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