Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why BBC Deserves our Contempt

Read the headlines on BBC: Israel bus attack: Tel Aviv passengers stabbed

The headlines aren't particularly bad...though it would have been more accurate to identify the incident as a terror attack. But that is probably the only part of the article that is reasonable.

Read the first line of the article: "A Palestinian man is shot and injured by security officers after stabbing at least 11 people in an attack on a Tel Aviv bus."

At least some of the other news outlets were able to report the incident more accurately, though many were also unable to properly conclude that someone who goes on a bus and starts stabbing innocent men and women are terrorists. The Guardian thought it important to point out that a Hamas spokesman called the stabbings 'heroic'. Al Jazeera should get an award for the most outlandish claim - that the incident occurred, "according to Israeli police" when a Palestinian "bus passenger"...I listened to the news yesterday - not once did any Israeli police official or newscaster refer to Hamza Muhammad Hasan Matrouk as a passenger. Consistently, he was called what he was - a terrorist, an extremist blinded and guided by Islamic rhetoric.

But let's get back to BBC - "A Palestinian man is shot and injured" - is that really the story? Not what the "man" did but that he was shot and inured? Shouldn't the story be about more than a dozen people who got up yesterday morning to go to work...and ended up being stabbed? Shouldn't the story be about the 13 year old boy who saw things no child should see? What about the 69-year-old woman who is fighting for her life?

What about the brave bus driver who managed, though seriously wounded, to open the rear door of the bus, allowing dozens to escape?

None of that is news, apparently, to the worthless agency that is BBC. Worthless because truth and news could happen in front of their faces and they would seek out their own agenda. It isn't terrorism, it isn't violence, it isn't was just a Palestinian man who was shot and injured in Tel Aviv.

The ramifications of such ignorant reporting continue to be seen around the world - most recently in Paris. That is the result of what happens when you refuse to identify extremist attacks as terrorism.  

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