Friday, February 20, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu Coming to Maale Adumim.... a closed, invitation only event limited to approximately 100 maybe 150 people - priority to Likud members, naturally.

I'm not a Likud member. They stole my vote under Sharon to force a one-sided plan that resulted in thousands of rockets and years of trauma and devastation to approximately 9,000 Israelis - in many ways, the finest of our land. While we were bitter; they looked for ways to rebuild. While we were paralyzed in anger and pain; they sought to heal themselves...and us.

So as a Likud member, they took my vote and betrayed it. The promise-never-to-evacuate became a destruction order. My vote was betrayed again...and I got smart. I took it back so that whatever is done, is not on my ticket, not in my name. As a voter, sometimes that is all you can do.

So I left - or tried to. They kept taking my money, ignoring my requests but finally, finally, I managed to get free. I am no longer a Likud member...or, what I really believe, is that I am a Likud member - but a Likud member of a party that betrayed its roots. It isn't so much that I left the Likud, as the Likud itself left.

I begged my Likud friends to leave the Likud - to vote one last time with their feet when the party list was manipulated to ignore the primary election results. Many left; many continued to spout the same line - only  from within can you change things. That may be true, but ultimately, if the core is rotten, the fruit isn't worth saving.

The Likud of my youth, the party of Menachem Begin, is gone. Even...even Feiglin has left and yet there are those who remain for purposes I have yet to understand.

So Bibi is coming to my city to an event that is not opened to the public. INVITATION-ONLY, the announcement reads...and I'm pretty sure I won't be getting an invitation. But I have a right to a voice - sometimes, that is all that we have.

And so, even though they won't be answered, I'll still ask my questions:

1. You've promised over and over again that you'll build on E1 and each time capitulated to foreign pressure and while that's happening, Arabs have built? When are you really going to build and if you aren't, why can't you say that?

2. You reject the idea of a building freeze and yet you have not given Maale Adumim any significant (or any) building permits in many years. Are you trying to stifle the city even from natural growth?

3. We in Maale Adumim have been victims of many robberies in recent months. Why isn't there a complete security fence surrounding our city?

4. In the last elections, the Likud chose to go with Yair Lapid's party and others who were decidedly not right-wing. This put tremendous pressure on your government to abandon many of the core tenets of the right wing. What lessons do you think the Likud should have learned from the last elections?

So, in this mythical opportunity I've created for myself...what other questions should Bibi be asked when he comes to his invitation-only, limited courtesy call to the largest city in Judea and Samaria?

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Anonymous said...

1. Just what is the difference between the Right (represented by Likud) and the Left (Labor/Meretz)? If it's only that the charter is different, then the Right should be guided by their stated mission, and not continue to allow itself to be dragged by the Left into following it.

2. What are you going to do about Iran, since you've had so much to say about it before?

3. What are you going to do about V-15? This is a financial-support tactic coming from our supposed friends, the US, to defeat you and any smidgen of resistance from among the Jewish People (you know well that if we give in, the rest of world Jewry will too).

Paula, there may be more questions, but I'm tired of being in a place where my voice has about 20% (or less, if you really want to know) of the power of someone on the Left just because they're Left. Where is the sweet spot where our voices will resonate proportionally with the merit they deserve? But on the other hand, I don't care who listens or not because it makes sense that the Jewish nation must consider its right to life first, before that of any other. Any political movement that opposes that here in Israel ought not to exist. They have a right to their opinion; but they don't have the right to endanger the public's lives to serve it - and those of others who agree with them.

I am of the opinion that, since the Left and those who follow them have not yet learned the lessons of Oslo (which symbolizes every attempt to cow the Jewish state into submission to the nations' ultimate goal - to wipe us out), they ought to really step back and let others have the floor (or platform, or whatever). No matter what the Oslo Agreements said, they were a platform to take our land and security away from us.

If Bibi is going to do nothing, let him say so, and I'll vote for someone else. Otzma Yehudit, maybe? Or Yachad? (Hopefully I won't have to choose between these two, since they'll be together?)

I could go on and on, but I think you know where I'm headed...

CDG, Yerushalayim

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