Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Spin of Evil

When President Barack....dare I use his middle name....Obama spoke of the attack against a kosher supermarket in Paris, he chose the path of evil. He chose to inflict more hurt, more anger. He chose to adhere to his agenda to downplay the absolute barbaric nature of Islamic extremism.

What he said is an attempt to deny the most important aspect of why four Jews died that tragic Friday in wasn't because they happened to be shopping in a kosher supermarket. They didn't "happen" to be there. They planned their day to include this important stop in preparation for the Sabbath that was coming. One of the men knocked on the door of the supermarket, desperate to buy challah, the sweet bread we eat each Shabbat. One of the women inside was sent by the terrorist to tell the man to go away but the man insisted that he needed to shop for the Sabbath and when he entered, he was murdered in cold blood. No random victim - a Jewish man shopping in a Jewish store hours before the Jewish Sabbath was to arrive.

It is impossible, after 6 long years of the reign of Obama to ignore his absolute disdain for our Prime Minister, our country, our religion. So filled with himself, Obama's latest insult means little, even if it is one of his most demeaning ones.

The way I figure it, a pile of manure will smell horrendous. At some point, it no longer makes a difference how high the pile is, how long it stays in the same place. This latest insult of's just piling more on the mountain. Once you recognize the mountain for what it is, the man for who he is, it's pretty much a done deal - the man can't stand Israel, and like his preacher, is going to do all he can to hide his anti-Jewish feelings by clouding them with other random attacks on random targets...all of which happen to be Israeli and Jewish.

I heard Obama's comment and the anger washed through me - I expected no less, honestly. But what is chilling is the lengths others will go to defend, to explain, to spin.

Why, for once, can't Jen Psaki just be honest and say she doesn't know why Obama would suggest that the attack was random? Just once, I'd love to see her stare at the reporter and say, "well, I just can't explain this one." Why does she intentionally attempt to twist this into an issue for the French, who certainly never suggested this was a random attack?

What is interesting is her body language. I once went to a seminar on body language and the speaker spoke of "tells" - things people do to show they are nervous or being evasive. Watch Psaki's hand motions after the question is asked and she needs to answer. See how often she touches her hair...that's a "tell." I searched it and common consensus says she was either turned on by the reporter who asked the question, or she was nervous. I'd go with the last one. She seems like an intelligent woman - it's so sad that Obama and Kerry keep making her look like an idiot.

And then there's Josh Earnest  - looking not very earnest at all. You see, says Mr. Earnest, it was a random attack because apparently the terrorist didn't know the names of the victims and didn't seek to kill a specific person.

So, I guess America was wrong - the attack on 9/11 wasn't really an attack on America; the Holocaust wasn't an attack against Jews. In fact, by this definition, nearly every act of violence, other than Cain killing Abel, might have an element of randomness.

The fact that the terrorist went into a Jewish-owned store on a Friday afternoon to kill Jews doesn't make it a specific attack on Jews unless the killer knows their names? What we have here is yet another seemingly intelligent person choosing the path towards idiocy. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised - having to explain Obama to the world would probably turn even the most educated person into a blooming moron.

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