Monday, February 16, 2015

Why Jews Don't Belong in France...

To walk in a place and feel others watching you, staring at you, possibly threatening is a feeling that I have never had once in Israel and as my husband and I prepare for two upcoming business trips abroad, it is a feeling that I will carry with me when I leave Israel for these short trips.

This is France today - unprovoked...a Jew walking in the street...unprovoked...France 2015

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Anonymous said...

What is said in the mussaf Shemona Esrei of Yom Tov, that because of their sins, the Jewish people went into exile from the Land of Israel ("umipnei chatoeinu golinu meiartzeinu"). Additionally –based on the Babylonian Talmud[17]– any form of forceful recapture of the Land of Israel is a violation of divine will. The restoration of the Land of Israel to the Jews should only happen with the coming of the Messiah, not by self-determination.

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