Monday, March 9, 2015

A Post Like No Other

I've maintained this blog for more than 7 years....much closer to 8 actually. It's seen two sons into and out of the army with a third way closer than I want to think about. Two years ago, when Shmulik finished the army, the blog topics diversified a bit - more politics and more about Israel and family than about the army. I'm okay with that and I hope you are too. I've done more writing at than here simply because that site has no limitations on topics while I've tried to keep this one related to the army...well, and life in Israel.

This post is like no other I ever remember writing. If the word "army" appears, it won't be in relation to the Israeli army and if the word "gun" appears, it will be in connection to the Indian soldiers I watched this morning.

Yesterday, I left Israel. I can count on one hand, literally, the times I have left Israel in the last 21 years. There were two trips to the States in the early years - once to visit my ailing mother-in-law and father-in-law, once to attend the wedding of my husband's older brother. I went to Poland. Two years ago, I attended a conference in England, and now...five hand.

So the next few posts will be about India...well,n and Israel too, I guess. So stick you have for so long, and join me on an amazing journey. It isn't easy for me to leave Israel. I have five children so far out of reach at this moment, my parents and older sister and her family live in Israel as well. But there is also the tie to the land itself. As the plane left Israel, as the wheels joined the wings of the plane, severing ties to the land in favor of soaring through the skies, it was to Israel that I spoke.

I had already spoken to my children - most anyway...but those seconds on the plane were between me and Israel. Be safe, I whispered...and realized it was to my children but also to the land. No war while I"m gong. Don't do that to me. And no missiles either. Yeah, I know, not in your control, but so what you can. I'll be back as fast as I can. I love you, my beautiful over my children while I'm in a land where I know they will be safe.

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