Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Special Place in Hell

...belongs to Marcia Freedman.

Listen to how she rewrites history. Listen to how she feeds the audience the nonsense that Palestinians are attempting to thrust into history as truth. It's not. We did not displace them. We did not take their land. Only the idiots at J-Street would applaud this absurd speech. And only a Jew steeped in the ghetto could come up with the nonsense she spouts. Clearly, she learned nothing from history.

It amazes me how ignorant this woman is, how blind, how incredibly moronic. She is, in many ways, the most dangerous enemy we have because she has the nerve to present herself as one of us...she has existed since time began...she is the Cain that murdered Abel, she is the Jew that questioned God and demanded more in the wilderness. She is the Jew left behind in Egypt because of her lack of faith, the kapo that joined the Nazis to persecute her brothers. She is the one who chose to save herself, causing the deaths of others. She is the one eternal ghetto Jew who is most threatened by the proud Jew, the proud Israeli of today.

She can't stand that Israel is an amazing nation of innovation, discovery and humanity. At all cost, she must deny the amazing life we have given to our Arab minority - more freedom, healthcare and respect than they get in any Arab neighboring state.

She is, above all else, the epitome of the self-hating Jew. Most of all, she is a dying minority as we awaken and arise from 2,000+ years of slumber.

True democracy is having more than 70% of the voters in a nation come forward without coercion and put forth their choice.

I thought of how to respond best to this drivel, and then, an amazing thing happened. YouTube responded for me. If you wait after watching a video, speechless and furious as I was, YouTube will automatically move to another video chosen by some algorithm that only it understands.

Without hesitation, YouTube offered me the full speech by Benjamin Netanyahu at the US Congress this month. What a brilliant answer to this idiot woman...

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Lynne Marton said...

Paula, I watched the video and I just had to comment on it. This was what I wrote : "She is delusional!! Has she forgotten the basis of all those terrorist groups that surround Israel? They want all of us - the Jewish people - DEAD - and our country - ISRAEL - wiped off the face of the earth! She and her gang at J Street need a huge reality check. They are the biggest bunch of anti-semitic, self-hating Jews. Time for her and all of them to go for "special help" - they need it desperately!" Her ignorance knows no bounds, and Thank G_d she is in a dying minority!!
Paula, I am now listening to and watching Bibi's speech to Congress - he speaks the truth!!!
And you're right - it's a most welcome follow-up to the poison that spewed out of MF's mouth.
Thank you for this!

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