Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Obama's Temper Tantrum

This pretty much sums up Obama's behavior in the last few weeks. A few important facts:

1. Obama was informed before it was announced that Netanyahu would speak to Congress...he chose to act like it was thrust upon him.

2. Kerry has threatened Israel, demanding that Netanyahu not announce the details of the agreement - while at the same time saying Israel didn't know the details (go figure that one out).

3. Kerry just happened to be unavailable to meet with Netanyahu.

4. Many of those few Democrats who chose to not attend the joint session where Netanyahu spoke have been blatantly anti-Israel in the past.

5. Netanyahu hit the proverbial home run during his speech. Accusations by Pelosi and others said, Netanyahu's speech was anything but ungrateful or insulting to the United States.

So, aside from hoping someone will create a cartoon to who how absolutely childish Pelosi behaved, here's a great one about Obama.

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