Monday, March 2, 2015

Randomly Offensive Opinions

BJ sent the following comment...I decided I wanted to answer it and so I put it here. She (I don't actually know if she is a she or a he, but it feels like a she, so I'll go with that)...wrote:

I have been reading your blog for years and have been quiet about some of your more offensive opinions.
Well, thanks for reading my blog for years...and honestly, you don't have to be quiet. If something is offensive to you, knock yourself out...tell me. And hey, don't limit yourself only to my "more offensive opinions" - love to hear them all...
You are constantly harping on President Barack....dare I use his middle name.... You sound like an American Tea Party representative, ignorant beyond belief, uneducated and truly offensive.
Hey, don't hold off on using his middle name on my account. As for what I sound like - I'd rather you label me a concerned Jew, an Israeli. Someone who cares about the future of my country and people and someone whose sons have and, God help them (and me), are likely to put their lives on the line in the future. I personally don't think that anything I say is uneducated - Columbia University degree and all that....and as for truly offensive, I'd probably want to turn that around and wonder where you are in your life that makes my criticizing Obama's behavior offensive. If anything, I'd think Obama's behavior is what is offensive.
Although in not a long speech, but a speech, never the less, YOU pounce on a SINGLE word in the entire speech. 
His specific comment was "a random bunch of folks in a deli" - so to be fair and accurate, I pretty much am against the entire phrase. Random - not by a long shot. "A bunch of folks" - he makes it sound like they were gathering for a picnic - they were attacked and four were murdered. And, for the record, it wasn't a deli, it was a supermarket; a place they came to shop not have a good meal out with friends.

Out of how many Kosher groceries, synagogues or Jewish owned businesses in Paris, why was this place chosen as a place to commit these horrible acts? Do you know? Of course, you do not. Definitely chosen because it was Jewish, but why in all the targets in Paris and its surrounding area was this particular place chosen? Proximity, ease of escaping after the crime--Who knows? It was random. 

Now this is seriously offensive and sort of creative at the same time. You really should consider joining the State Department or the White House - even they didn't think of this absurd definition for random. Wow, seriously? So it was random because the terrorist just happened to pick THAT Jewish store as opposed to another Jewish one? Oh my about uneducated!
What is not random is the absolute departure of over 200 years of protocol, being invited by the Office of the President, or the US State Department in order to attempt to influence both countries elections.
Two hundred years of protocol? You have any proof of that statement? You think the US President has been inviting foreign leaders for 200 years? So, like the US President would invite the King of France, who would leave his country for like what two months, to sail across the Atlantic, speak to Congress and then sail back? Had you claimed maybe 70-80 years, you might at least have been credible...200 years? That number sounds pretty random to me.

And so, you want to tell me that Congress has never invited anyone to speak before a combined meeting of the Congressional leaders?

And think that Netanyahu is trying to influence "both countries elections?" - Impressive. He might be trying to influence Israel's elections by acting like a strong leader, one concerned with the safety of his country. Gotta give you a point on that one. But how exactly is he influencing US elections? By making Obama look like a child having a temper tantrum?
That is Not RANDOM. That is a politician (not a statesman)deliberatly out for political gain without exercising good judgement about his actions.
Well, I'll give you that - Netanyahu is not randomly going to Washington. He was invited to speak, to present Israel's knowledge of Iran as compared to Obama. Politician? Okay, have to agree there - pretty much all the parties involved are politians - Obama, the Republicans, the Democrats, Netanyahu, etc.

Political gain? That remains to be seen and still Netanyahu has flown to America because the message he brings is that important. He is explaining a threat to our lives...that sounds like very good judgment to me.


Sammy Finkelman said...

It's not only in the Mishnah that a the choice of a single word carries with it a lot of meaning.

That was a rather silly argument by that commentator. And while President Obama may have said a number of things with regard to the Charlie Hebdo and succeeding events, it's quite all right to comment on just one of them. (or one of them at a time)

President Obama does seem to have a problem with accusing terrorists - terrorists, not Moslems in general - of being anti-semitic.

Apparently, he thinks it is counterproductive.

And that can only be because he thinks... (you finish the thought)

Anonymous said...

Actually, not only is it not 200 years or 70 years, it is less than 20 years:
However, Boehner subsequently revealed on CBS’s 60 minutes that the White House had in fact been notified before the announcement of the Netanyahu visit, suggesting that the White House rage was less about the breach of protocol and more about its concern that Netanyahu would undermine Obama’s policies of appeasement toward Iran.

The White House announced that “in accordance with standard tradition” it was inappropriate for the president or the secretary of state to meet Netanyahu two weeks before Israeli national elections. This is inconsistent with the fact that on April 30, 1996, one month before the elections (in which Netanyahu was victorious), then-prime minister Shimon Peres met with president Bill Clinton in the White House.

Beth said...

Aren't you glad all Americans aren't that stupid? That comment came from someone who voted in our absolute WORST president ever. Twice!
I love your blog and have also been reading it for years. You are awesome. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the idea that Netanyahu did anything wrong. He merely accepted an invitation. If she has a problem with the invitation being issued to begin with, she is barking up the wrong tree.

I love your blog. Keep it up!


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