Thursday, March 26, 2015

So, hey, yeah...we have nuclear weapons

Years ago, my mother was speaking in front of a high school class of Austrians contemplating their final year in school and not so very interested in a little country in a far off place. Most years, the graduating class chose to go to nearby Italy and explore the Alps.

My mother found the class a bit inattentive, a bit distracted and perhaps even a bit condescending about the message she was sharing. Midstream, she decided to change course.

"Israel has nuclear weapons," she told the suddenly-interested class, "and we aren't afraid to use them if we have to." She looked around, aware that they were quieter than they had been, "Does that frighten you?" she asked.

Several nodded and she added, "good."

Israel has nuclear weapons. Unlike the United States, which has had nuclear weapons for more than 70 years and betrayed our trust by releasing documents that confirm this, we've never used nuclear weapons to kill anyone. Unlike Iran, which doesn't have nuclear weapons (yet), Israel has never threatened to blow a nation off the face of the map.

For the past 24 hours, after hearing that the United States, under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, deliberately stabbed Israel in the back by releasing documents that confirm what most of the world has known or suspected for decades, I was rendered mute with anger. Every post I thought of making usually included at least one four letter word and often many of them.

And so I waited and thought and then I remembered my mother speaking before the Austrian kids who then decided rather than visit Italy, they would take their senior class trip to Israel.

When the world is a bit condescending, antagonistic and certainly against Israel in so many ways, perhaps the United States unwittingly did us a favor. The word is out. Israel has nuclear weapons.

Does that scare you?



Netivotgirl said...

WOW! What an amazing post!Your writing is incredible Paula. You wrote exactly what I feel only YOU know how to verbalize those feelings stupendously!

Netivotgirl said...

WOW! What an amazing post!Your writing is incredible Paula. You wrote exactly what I feel only YOU know how to verbalize those feelings stupendously!

Jessie said...


Bracha Goldman said...

Well, hello, world and Obama. We also have Torah and G-d Who protects us and keeps us safe from all our enemies. So anyone who crosses us and aims to harm us is against G-d, and He will take revenge on those who do so. May we merit Redemption NOW.

Anonymous said...

I don't find myself scared...the world is a safer place because of Israel's weapons.
I pray that you never have to use them, but there is a security in knowing you have them if you need them. And yeah, I think we all knew Israel had guys are far too smart a country NOT to have them!

That being said, Obama is just scum for betraying Israel yet again!

Am Yisrael Chai!
(hope I wrote that correctly!)


Jeffrey Smith said...

I disagree with you. Obama does not deserve your anger. For one thing, it would give him too much respect. For another, the docunents merely states openly what everyone has known for decades, and allow us to emphasize how different we are from the mullahs.

My one time (to date) in Eretz Yisrael was as a teenager, for three weeks, in what turned out to be the summer before the Yom Kippur War. My group visited, among many places,Mt. Carmel. As we walked up from the parking lot, a Phantom jet roared directly over us, almost in reach of our arms. After the fright from the unexpected noise was over, our guide told us the jet was based at a top secret air base in the Valley of Jezreel, which he would show us when we got to the top. And he did just that. I have the picture still, the base clearly visible.

Israel's nukes are that sort of top secret.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Hey Jeffrey Smith -first, thanks to you and the others for leaving your thoughts here.

I agree that there are many "secret" things in Israel that are not secret - but the telling was for us, not for the US. We chose not to acknowledge them and have never used them as a threat. Thus, when other nations come and say we have to sign a treaty that would put us at a disadvantage or suggest that others have a right to nuclear weapons because we have them, the fallback has always been very simple...a smile and a "what nuclear weapons." In openly declaring we have them, Obama broke faith, once again, with Israel.

Anyone who thinks Obama "has Israel's back" - has to wake up and realize that Obama is pushing American Jewry to a choice and sadly, I find that many American Jews are siding with Obama while remaining completely ignorant about the facts in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm an Aussie Christian, and I'm not scared at all by the fact that Israel has nukes. Because I know how much you - and indeed a very great part of the whole House of Israel, which is the House of Life - love and honour Life. I know that you would use these terrible weapons only in great and desperate need. I trust you with them more than I would trust my *own* nation with them (if we had them) and more than I trust any *other* nation of those that do possess them. BTW, I am absolutely shocked by what Obama did in releasing those classified documents. It *was* backstabbing of the very worst kind.

littleduckies said...

No, it scares me that a nutcase like Obama, who can't distinguish between friend and foe, has nuclear weapons at his disposal.

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