Monday, April 27, 2015

Bragging about Israel

On Twitter and on this blog, I've had some complaints. Apparently, it bothers people that Israel is bragging (if that's what we're doing)...about the help we are sending to Nepal.

I've tried to explain - we are a nation constantly accused of doing the worst things imaginable, today's modern-day Nazis, some call us...a claim the Germans, especially, love to use because in attempting to make us look bad, in some twisted way, they think that makes what they did explainable, excusable, whatever.
So, since the world loves to assume the worst, we tend to work harder to offer a balanced picture. Those who condemn Israel, amazingly, don't speak of Syria, the Congo, Yemen, and so many other places where men and women are tormented, abused, murdered....only Israel, always Israel.

So, what is the world doing for Nepal...what has it done so far, days after this horrific accident?

Well, the London Guardian posted this:

  • The UK government has announced that it will donate £5m to help the rescue effort in Nepal
  • John Kerry said the US will pledge $1m to the aid effort (they WILL also send word on when).
  • Australia has also pledged a Aus$5m aid package.
  • Pope Francis led prayers in St Peter’s Square for the dead, displaced and injured in Nepal and surrounding areas.
  • India, Sri Lanka, the UK, China and others are all sending disaster response teams to assist in search and rescue.
Let's see how BBC handles it:
  • China, India, the UK and US are among those sending aid from abroad.

  • Both countries [China and India] have sent emergency teams to Nepal, along with Pakistan, which said it was dispatching four C130 transport planes carrying a 30-bed hospital.
  • Other countries, including Britain, Australia and New Zealand are also contributing aid, alongside international agencies.
And BBC added a list of dead or missing foreigners:

  • Australia: 549 Australians registered as traveling in Nepal, 200 confirmed safe
  • Bangladesh: 50 nationals, including members of the country's under-14 girls' football team, evacuated. No information on exact number of nationals in Nepal
  • China: Four nationals dead in Kathmandu, Xinhua news agency reports
  • Colombia: Seven nationals missing
  • France: French authorities have located 1,098 nationals, but another 674 are still not in touch
  • India: Five killed in Nepal
  • UK: Several hundred Britons believed to be in Nepal. No reports of casualties but some missing.
  • US: Three Americans killed
  • Victims from other countries include a dead Estonian national and a Japanese man killed.
  • UK: Dozens of Britons among the missing

What's missing from these reports?

Well, from the last part, Israel has been searching for 250 missing Israelis...earlier today we were down to about 120 missing, last count, we're still missing about 50. Why are we less important than the other nations? Colombia is missing 7...but Israel isn't worthy of even a mention...

And what else is missing from both of the above?

Well, while the pope is praying and the others are planning and WILL send aid...this is what Israel has DONE:

  • A Boeing 747 jumbo jet sent by El Al has landed in Kathmandu, bringing an IDF search and rescue mission of over 200 soldiers from a specialized search and rescue team and their equipment to the earthquake-ravaged area. It's already there!
  • Israel had rescued and brought back to Israel, some of its citizens.
  • Some of those helicopters bringing people off Mt Everest were commissioned by Israeli insurance companies...four of those taken off the mountain were Israelis.
  • Four other airplanes are expected to land in the city during the night - meaning, many hours ago, packed with equipment and people, they FLEW to Nepal. 
  • A full field hospital, which will be operational within 12 hours of landing.
  • The search and rescue team consists of 60 members. It is capable of operating in three separate locations simultaneously. It's on the ground there now!
  • The IDF delegation rented two Boeing 747s to carry personnel and 95 tons of supplies. 
  • The field hospital will include "pediatric, surgical, internal medicine, neonatal, and radiology departments as well as a maternity ward and emergency and operating room,” The IDF said in a statement.
  • The hospital would be able to treat about 200 patients a day...starting in less than 12 hours from NOW.
So BBC feels it is relevant to mention a 30-bed field hospital WILL BE set up by the Indians...but not a 200-bed field hospital with advanced medical equipments including an on-site radiology department?

And the London Guardian thinks the pope praying and financial aid will save lives more than equipment and trained rescue workers?

CNN? Well, hey, at least they got around to mentioning Israel..."China, India, France, Italy, Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore and South Korea were among the nations sending aid and search and rescue crews."

What's wrong with this? Well, it's better than the others, but still lacks proportionality.

China and India are right next door, as is Pakistan. But France, Italy, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc...they have the means...and yet they don't have five planes of aid on the ground right now...they haven't delivered 95 tons of aid.

And so, if you leave it to the world news, you'll never know what Israel is doing in Nepal...

Brag? Isn't it interesting that no one is accusing any of the other nations of bragging...perhaps, that has less to do with their attitude and more to do with their actions. The EU is sending money? Italy is sending money? Will money pull people from the rubble? Will it repair broken bones? The bragging was done in front of the microphones, where politicians ran to announce how much money they would send. What Israel has, once again, delivered is action. Our soldiers and doctors and rescue teams rushed into action and the only reason they weren't there 18 hours ago was because the airport in Nepal wasn't cleared for the landing.

Take a look at this, Frank  - and tell me we don't have a right to be proud and share what we are doing!



George said...

Not only all of what you said, but the head of the field hospital is an Israeli Arab - did somebody say apartheid?

Anonymous said...

you know something? screw em. we are at the forefront of so many relief efforts around the world, doing the job better and sooner. we earned some bragging rights, i say.

so they get to criticize us for everything under the sun, and when we do something outstanding we don't get recognition. and when we are proud of ourselves we get criticized again?!
what the hell!

Frank said...

There are many who help.After one minute googling I found many who help, many nations and many organizations.The problem is there is only one airport and you can't land there at night at least yesterday was that the case.But keep on basking in your we-are-hollier-than-you attitude

Anonymous said...

we are not holier than thou ,we are a caring race of people ,so keep your nasty remarks to to yourself .they were still one of the first ones to be there and have set up a a hospital with the latest equipment and medication ,and they do it out of their kindness and goodness not for any praise it was a mother praising them not themselves .so keep your bigoted comments to your self thank you ..............

A Soldier's Mother said...

Thank you, Anonymous! And to anyone thinks it is wrong of us to publicize...what she/he said!

Anonymous said...

Typical of the world today. Israel does something the world media can be negative about - everyone writes about it, shows it on the news, experts show up to condemn whatever it is the Israelis are doing, even if it's just self-defense, even if it's just what any other country would be doing in the same situation. Now Israel does something positive and is open about it - instead of the world (media) saying "good on them" again they condemn and judge, again they jump at the opportunity to say something (anything) negative about Israel. When it's Israel it's bad yet when it's other countries doing it, everyone shrugs and accepts it. Scary, this world. Thank you for being a voice of reason and adding some balance!

Netivotgirl said...

As anonymous said, we do this because we are a caring people, not praise. And we just happen to do it better than anyone else. (Even CNN admitted that our field hospital in Haiti was THE best.) I'm proud to be Israeli. Thank you Paula for another top notch post!

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